Jay Abraham - Strategy of Preeminence and Strategic Alliances

Jay Abraham - Strategy of Preeminence and Strategic Alliances

Jay Abraham - Strategy of Preeminence and Strategic Alliances

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Jay Abraham Strategy Of Preeminence
The Strategy of Preeminence is a fundamental mindset attitude in the work of Jay Abraham, the maverick marketing genius.

Quite simply it is the ability to put your client's needs ahead of your own. To do what is in their best interests and to show that you really care about making their lives better through your product or service.

This is a core concept of Jay Abraham which puts you on the moral high ground when marketing your business.

In a world which is trying to commoditise you and your product or service, the best way to standout is to adopt Jay Abraham's concept of the strategy of preeminence.

No longer are you trying to sell your products or services or your best interest but instead you are focusing all your attention on helping and protecting your customer or client.

Believe me, it will make you and your business stand out from the crowd and it lies very much as a core philosophy of my own customer focused entrepreneur concepts.

You see many businesses are in business for themselves and not for the benefit of their clients (Jay prefers the word clients to customers and I'll tell you why further down in this blog).

Do your competitors have the attitude of "take the money and run" as they promise whatever they have to in order to get the first sale? If they do, then they often over-promise and under-deliver and that gives you opportunities.

Their customers are left bruised, battered and annoyed by the experience so the chance of repeat business is negligible.

But that's not the way Jay Abraham works.

He believes that you should be making your profit through repeat business with existing clients and through referrals from those clients. And the massive amount of money he has made for his clients (measured in billions until it got so big he stopped counting) shows that he is right.

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