Local Business Money Machine 2.0

Local Business Money Machine 2.0

Local Business Money Machine 2.0

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OK before we get started, I was initially concerned with this post because the videos were not explicitly branded as LBMM 2.0. The color scheme on the videos from LBMM 1.0 was white lettering on a dark blue background while the 2.0 videos are black lettering against a white background. Also, I would have expected the copyright date to be 2011, but there are several pre-2011 dates. But the files conform to the 7-week organization as described in the pitch letter.

Unless anyone has info to the contrary, I'm satisfied this is the real deal. Now, on with the mini-description:

This is the first and only training course of its kind. There are TWO parts to it so you can learn everything...

1. The getting clients component (how do you get clients and how do you get them to pay you
2. The outsourcing the services component (once you got the clients, how can you deliver them great results easily, by using our

Super Simple Outsourcing solution?)

The 7-Week training course will show you exactly how to get high quality clients that are committed to paying you every month, and

then have a team of experts do ALL the work for you. Some of which youll learn:

What are the BEST places and the best ways to find your ideal clients? (This is the #1 reason why people are able to get clients


How do you sell your services to clients without having to sell? (It works so well, our first group of people closed almost

everyone they talked to!)

What are the BEST places and the best ways to find your ideal clients? (This is the #1 reason why people are able to get clients


Which category does a client fall into? Local businesses fall into 1 of 4 quadrants. The first two are to be avoided at all costs,

and the second two categories are of businesses that are GOLDEN! You'll know exactly what these are.

What are the different pricing models you can use to get paid per service, or get paid every month as a continuity?

How do you position yourself so that they'll WANT to pay you every month?

How do you bill your clients and collect the money?

How do you deliver awesome results for your clients with just a push of a button? (Our Super Simple Outsourcing solution will be

brain-dead simple and easy for you!)

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