Rintu Basu - Advanced Persuasion Patterns

Rintu Basu - Advanced Persuasion Patterns

Rintu Basu - Advanced Persuasion Patterns

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Master Persuasion Skills Trainer Finally Releases the Secrets to Powerful Covert Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques ...

“Who else wants to be able to Master the Persuasion Skills of legendary leaders, convincing con artists and seductive sales men?”

Warning: These Persuasive Techniques are Extremely Powerful and should only be used with care


A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Persuasion Patterns

A downloadable internet based programme that takes leading edge NLP, Hypnosis and Psychological Persuasion Techniques; strips away the jargon, theory and complexity giving you weekly bite size chunks that you can directly apply to every aspect of your life.

Here are a few of the things you will be able to do by the end of the course:

Bypass conscious resistance to win arguments before they have even begun

Bind values to your needs so you can motivate people to do what you want

Install confidence anchors to give yourself and others the freedom to do what you want

Create charisma patterns to get yourself noticed with the people that matter

Use rapport binds to grow your professional networks, circle of friends and social life

Satisfy needs at a deep emotional level to develop stronger more meaningful relationships

Elicit powerful emotions and use them to make any date a perfect experience

Create strategies to redirect thinking so people will focus on exactly what you want to tell them

Use belief change patterns to get people to believe in you, your product or anything else you want them to believe in

Make up TimeLine Language patterns to destroy limiting beliefs, negative emotions and past decisions to increase your self esteem, get more done and have more fun

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