Dan Kennedy - Copywriting And Sales BootCamp

Dan Kennedy - Copywriting And Sales BootCamp

Dan Kennedy - Copywriting And Sales BootCamp

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How To Master
THE Most Valuable
And Profitable Skill,
Dramatically Improve Your Earning Power,
And Make All The Money You Like
With Less Stress And Strain

I have achieved total and complete financial liberty. And if you isolated THE ONE THING that has put me here, above anything and everything else, it is my ability to write copy that sells, for ads and sales letters and other media. And this is NOT out of your reach, anymore than it was beyond mine.

The “X-Factor” Hardly Anybody Talks About Because So Few Understand It

As a young pup, the first person talking about ‘how to succeed’ I discovered was Earl Nightingale. Immensely useful to me at the time, because his words made me realize I wasn’t a freak and a fool for thinking as I was thinking, so differently from everyone around me.

Not long after that, I became immersed in “motivation” and “self-improvement”, and benefited greatly. But there were missing links. For example, I gradually realized that, in selling, the world’s greatest attitude was no better than the world’s worst attitude if you didn’t have a qualified prospect in front of you, who could give you money, to “shine it on.” That shifted my interest to marketing. And I’ve used that as “speech fodder” for years.

But there’s a far more valuable, missing “x-factor” that hardly anybody ever talks about, me included.

I remember getting my hands on an 18-cassette product called “The X Factor Of Success.” It had tapes from 18 different speakers. Zig Ziglar was one of them. I forget who else. But I listened diligently, accepting the premise that hidden in there somewhere was the missing, most important “x-factor.”

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