Peter Spaepen - Nanoblogging

Peter Spaepen - Nanoblogging

      Peter Spaepen - Nanoblogging

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Nanobloggers is a workflow for:

getting traffic
converting that traffic
It's a model that works with all offers:

CJ offers
Physical stuff
But the Nanobloggers workflow DOESN'T cover AdSense.

You see…

AdSense promotion works a little differently to the others.

You can't just whack AdSense on all of your pages — that doesn't work! That's a recipe for 5 cent per click payouts. There is a strategic way to achieve payouts 10x to 20x that.

But more about AdSense in a bit. After…

What the hell is Nanobloggers anyway?
At its core, it's a framework for getting traffic that doesn't require…

No JV'ing
No Media Buying
… and then converting that traffic with relevant offers. These offers can be from ClickBank, CPA networks, CJ, Amazon — or whatever! Doesn't really matter.

In fact, "your offer" could even be a carrot for someones name and email address. In other words, the Nanobloggers framework is also ideally suited to lead generation.

So why the AdSense hook?
Because Adsense is a great way to monetize traffic (and in many niches it's the best way to monetize traffic).


I got Peter on a call last week. It lasted almost two hours. On it I had him "dissect" the Nanobloggers workflow. Everything. The whole 9 yards. The whole enchilada.

And part of that "autopsy" Peter spoke about AdSense … an element that is not covered in the actual Nanobloggers manual.

This product can make you lots of money if you stick to the plan I outline inside this PDF manual. It does that for me every single day.!
Please do not skip steps - nanobloggers is a “chain reaction” workflow. The logical steps are all there for a reason. It’s crucial that you read and understand every word in the manual.

Don’t skip steps - it’ll make us both look bad. I’ve used nanobloggers, in many variations, for years. Every revision I did made the workflow stronger and better. The version you hold in your hands right now is the latest one and I’m really proud of the way it performs.!
Nanobloggers will never "stop working". It's based on conversations - the essence of the Internet. IMO, (and of course I'm a bit biased) nanobloggers will become even stronger as a formula to make money online.

Maybe you're a hardcore "advertiser" with a limitless ad budget. There will always be room for you, no doubt. But maybe you rely on organic rankings and are competing against the "big boys". If that’s the case, maintaining your spot in the SERPS will become quite a bit harder as time progresses.

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