Dan S. Kennedy - No BS Business Success

Dan S. Kennedy - No BS Business Success

      Dan S. Kennedy - No BS Business Success

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No B.S. Business Success by Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy has been called the "Professor of Harsh Reality" because he's provocative, irreverent, sarcastic and tells it like it is in a humorous, but chillingly serious fashion that cuts to the core of the issues in a way no other business author does. You want sugar-coated clichés that go down easy? Seek them elsewhere - this book isn't for the faint of heart. Kennedy steers you along the bumpy road to growing a business, showing you potholes all along the way.

Expose yourself to Dan's "25 Eternal Business Truths," and prepare for a lot of chin-rubbing insight. Get his take on your sales, cash flow, payroll, productivity, and on getting out of trouble wherever it arises. It's the kind of street-wise wisdom his readers (and high-paying consulting clients) swear by - all the way to the bank.

No BS Business Success
Dan Kennedy

Foreword by Brian Tracy, xv
Preface, xvii

chapter 1
The Decision and Determination to Succeed 1
Warning: Your Entry Point to Entrepreneurship May Be a Handicap to Overcome, 5
Why Trying Doesn't Work, 6
Making and Keeping Faith with Your Commitments, 8
Accusation: You're a Workaholic, 10
Perception: You're a Wild-Eyed Risk Taker, a Riverboat Gambler. Have You Lost Your Mind?, 14
Big Lie: The Price of Entrepreneurial Success Is Just Too Much to Pay, 17
The Decision of Autonomy, 19
Mental Toughness Required, 26
Hey, That's Not Fair!, 27

chapter 2
The Real Entrepreneurial Experience: A No B.S. Report from the Front Lines 31
Pride Is Sometimes the Only Pay, 33
Take a Trip Down Lonely Street, 35
I'm an Overnight Success-After 20 Years, 36
Even with Success, There Is Failure, 38
What Ultimately Separates Entrepreneurial Winners from Losers?, 42
The Good News, 44

chapter 3
How Do You Know If You Have A Really Good Idea? 49
Ask Your Customers, 51
Ask Your Counterparts and Competitors, 51
Smart Direct-Mail Testing, 52
"Steal" Already-Tested Direct Marketing Strategies, 53
Moving Ideas from One Business to Another, 55
How to Be More "Creative," 57
What If Everybody Hates Your Idea?, 62

chapter 4
Positioning Yourself and Your Business for Maximum Success 67
Positioning Strategy #1: How to Name What You Do to Attract the Customers You Want, 68
Positioning Strategy #2: How to Price, 71
Positioning Strategy #3: How to Make Your Image Work for You, 76
Positioning Strategy #4: Self-Appointments, 79
A Story of Positioning Success, 82
Who Do You Think You Are?, 83

chapter 5
How Entrepreneurs Really Make Money-Big Money! 84
What Are You Going to Do When You Grow Up?, 86
The Fortune-Building Secret of Total Customer Value, 88
Looking for Value in All the Wrong Places, 91
Networking and Joint Ventures, 93
The Remarkable Value of a Duplicative Model, 94
Mastering the Six Entrepreneurial Competencies, 97
Live Outside the Lines, 97

chapter 6
How to Create Exciting Sales and Marketing Breakthroughs 100
At Least Avoid the Ultimate Marketing Sin, 102
Breakthrough Strategy #1: Find a Niche Market and Exploit It, 104
Breakthrough Strategy #2: Find a New Sales Medium and Let It Make You Rich, 106
Breakthrough Strategy #3: Create a New Type of Guarantee and Confound Your Competition, 109
Breakthrough Strategy #4: Deliver Exceptional Service and Earn Word-of-Mouth Advertising, 111
Breakthrough Strategy #5: Seek Strategic Marketing Alliances, 112
Breakthrough Strategy #6: Get Professional Prowess on a Percentage, 115

chapter 7
Why and How to Sell Your Way Through Life 121
Changing Your Attitudes about Selling, 122
But When Can I Stop Selling?, 123
The Two Most Important Sales You'll Ever Make, 125
How to Bridge the Confidence Chasm, 125
Another Important Sale, 129
Now I'll Make a Sale, 130

chapter 8
Key People for Your Company 132
Take Off Your Rose Colored Glasses, 135
If It's Not Meant to Be . . ., 136
How to Choose Your Key People, 137
The Worst Number in Any Business-and What to Do about It, 139

chapter 9
Working with Lawyers and Accountants 141
How to Be Litigious without Buying Your Lawyer a Yacht, 142
What to Do if You Are in a Fight, 142
Your Turn Can Come, 145
When You Must Really Use a Lawyer, 146
Putting a Wall around Your Castle and Alligators in the Moat, 146
Strange Creatures, Accountants, 147
Rearview Mirrors, Magnifying Glasses, and Binoculars, 148
Who Can You Count On?, 150

chapter 10
Why Entrepreneurs Aren't Managers-and What You Can Do about It 153
You Can't Teach a Pig to Sing, 155
Hire Slow, Fire Fast, 156
Forget the Idea of Ownership Mentality, 156
How Your Employees Sabotage Your Marketing, 158
You Can Only Expect What You Inspect, 159
Identify, Keep, Reward, and Motivate, 160
Recent Discoveries about All Employees, 161
Good People Can Make a Huge Difference, 162
What Works for You Is What's Right, 163

chapter 11
How to Manage Your Cash Flow 164
The Five Keys to Multiplied Cash Flow, 165
Two Commonly Underutilized Means of Boosting Sales, Profits, and Cash Flow, 172
The Ultimate MCF Tactic: "Prepay," 174

chapter 12
How to Achieve Peak Productivity 176
Why Is Time Such a Problem?, 178
Why "Do It Now" May Not Be the Best Advice, 179
The Yes or No Test, 181
What Now?, 181
Refuse to Let Them Steal Your Time, 183
Put a Stake Through the Heart of Every "Time Vampire" Who Comes Your Way, 184
The Secrets of Secrets of Getting Rich, 184

chapter 13
How Entrepreneurs Attract Good Luck 186
Using Your Subconscious Mind, 187
How to Be in the Right Place at the Right Time, 189
Luck Is a Product of Universal Law, 191
Some Practical Advice on Attracting Good Luck, 193

chapter 14
Staying Sane in an Insane World 194
Danger Ahead, 195
How to Be a Business Success and Have It Not Matter, 195
Integrity Is Strategy, 201
How to Develop and Profit from the Power of Faith, 203
Entrepreneurs Need Extraordinary Faith in This Crazy World, 205

chapter 15
Why and How to Build Your Own Mini Conglomerate 207
Strengthen Your Conglomerate with Strategic Alliances, 209
How to Get Rich by Accident, 210
The Secret of Giving Them More of What They Want (and Less of What They Don't), 213
The Antidote to Advertising, 214

chapter 16
Using Your Business as a Path to Financial Independence 215
Don't Let Your Business Own You, 217
Getting Out of Your Own Way, 219
How to Help Your Business Mature, 220
How Does a System Work?, 223

chapter 17
How to Get a Business Out of Trouble 225
As Long as There's a Pulse, There's Hope, 226
Forget "Kinder" and "Gentler," 226
Pull Together a Plan, 228
Don't Hide, 229
Don't Take It Personally, 230
Direct Your Energy to Business Renovation, 230

chapter 18
A No B.S. Report on the Internet and Other Technology 232
Knock, Knock, Who's There?, 233
What Are Internet Users Really Buying?, 234
Be There or Be Square, 235
But the Gold Rush Is On and You Don't Want to Be Last, Do You?, 236
Is There a Free Lunch on the Internet?, 237
In Spite of All That, Should You Be Devoting Serious Attention to Marketing Your Business via the Internet?, 238
The Future May Be Permission-Only Marketing On and Off the Internet, 239
The Fax as a Marketing Machine, 240
Voice Mail as a Marketing Tool: The Magic of the Free Recorded Message, 242
A Complex Matrix of Communication and Marketing Technologies, 243
The Amazing Power of Audio and Video Brochures, 244
Final Thoughts on Technology, 244
Afterword, 246
A Look at the Author's Business Activities, 247
Resource Directory, 252
Eternal Truths, 262
Preface to No B.S. Sales Success, 266
Preface to No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs, 270
Index, 273
Special Free Gift #1 from the Author, 285
Special Free Gift #2 from the Author, 286

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