Dan Kennedy - Q & A Workshops

Dan Kennedy - Q & A Workshops

      Dan Kennedy - Q & A Workshops

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This is a Q&A video that Dan's promoted his new 2 books

(Business Success in the NEW Economy & Sales Success in the NEW Economy)

This video is from Super Conference 2009


Over the past few days I've sent you two messages about a
NEW Online Blog Video where Dan Kennedy answers questions
about the NEW Realities of and NEW Opportunities in the
Emerging NEW Economy.

This is NEW, timely, and very valuable information for
anyone serious about succeeding in the NEW Economy... but
the blog video (actually 2 videos) will be taken down
shortly, so this could be your LAST CHANCE to get the
straight truth from the "Professor of Harsh Reality"

Nothing is sold on these videos. This is NOT part of the
launch of a new high-priced information product. It's just
100% pure moneymaking content that will be of keen interest
to anyone who wants to succeed in the emerging NEW Economy.

Attention! As a bonus on these videos you can watch...
Dan Kennedy racing his horses on some horse race invent...
He looks funny in that cup smilie

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