Dan Kennedy & Jeff Paul - Joint Venture Back End Seminar

Dan Kennedy & Jeff Paul - Joint Venture Back End Seminar

      Dan Kennedy & Jeff Paul - Joint Venture Back End Seminar

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How You Can Find The Hidden Money In Any Business With Special Profit-Building Systems And Joint Venture Marketing

From: Dan S. Kennedy
How You Can Find
The Hidden Money In Any Business
With Special Profit-Building Systems
And Joint Venture Marketing

If someone you knew to be enormously successful, who you respected and trusted offered to reveal to you THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT SECRET that makes the difference in business between huge profits, wealth, and ideal lifestyle vs. struggling just to earn a modest income --- would you pay attention?

And what might you pay for that coaching session, where such a secret would be revealed?

On top of that, what if this person offered an IRON-CLAD GUARANTEE, that the little-known, little-understood information he would reveal would be worth at least $100,000.00 in added wealth to you in the first 12 months you possessed it alone?

I'm that person, and the "secret" is the subject of this letter.

My name is Dan Kennedy, and if you are receiving this letter, you probably are already quite familiar with me, and have heard me speak, attended my seminars, maybe receive my newsletter and have already profited from knowing me.  However, what you may not know is, that it is THIS SECRET, more so than any or all other know-how I've acquired in 30 years, that has been directly responsible for the following achievements, which might also be appealing for you:

To make a very large income from serving a surprisingly small number of customers, thus enjoying a simple, low-stress business.
To create very predictable, dependable income.  For the past 4 years, I have predicted my next year's income 10 to 12 months in advance and been within 5% of the target each year.
To get wealthy fast.  Personally, I've created more wealth for myself in the past 6 years than in the previous 24.  I have clients who've multiplied their wealth by as much as 100-times in just a few years by applying this SECRET to their businesses.
To make a business saleable for a large exit payday.  That may or may not interest you in the short-term, but take the long view.  I did sell a part of my business in 1999, for a substantial sum, plus continuing compensation.  I did so in a field where 99% of all businesses are never saleable!  Why?  THIS SECRET.
To multiply your income without multiplying your work, hours or headaches.  Once THIS SECRET is fully deployed in your business, you'll be on a most unusual economic curve, able to work less and less yet make more and more.
Now this may shock you, but I am going to reveal THE SECRET right here in this letter.  No charge. Nothing to buy.

This violates a rule of writing sales letters, incidentally; never to educate, only to persuade and motivate.  However, if you were properly selected to receive this letter, then I have every reason to believe you are a bit smarter than the average bear, so that I can go ahead and give you quite a bit of information and then let you arrive at your own decision about acting on it, and trust you'll do so, without relying on a lot of fancy salesmanship.  We'll see.  

Anyway, whether I'm nuts for doing so, or not, I'm going to start teaching, not selling, so please get a hi-liter or pen to underline and make notes, because you'll probably want to keep this letter, reflect on it, possibly share it with associates.

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