Kevin Hogan - Science of Influence III

Kevin Hogan - Science of Influence III

      Kevin Hogan - Science of Influence III

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Volumes 25 & 26 - Influence: The Satellite Secret
Page 3
Volume 27 - The Persuasion Paradox
Page 24
Volume 28 - Techniques of Representation
Page 35
Volumes 29 & 30 - Introduction to Changing Beliefs
Page 51
Volume 31 - First Secret of Motivating Others
Page 71
Volume 32 - Changing Beliefs
Page 79
Volume 33 - From Persuasion to Selling: Real Life Applications
Page 84
Volume 34 - The Influential Person
Page 95
Volume 35 - Changing Beliefs: New Powerful Insights
Page 108
Volume 36 - Resistance and Persuasion
Page 127

Volumes 25 & 26
Influence: The Satellite Secret
Influence is only useful when it is utilized. I'm like you, I like to know. I like to
learn. In fact, almost everything I read is with the intent of application. I'm reading
Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson right now. And there are two applications I have
in mind for what I'm discovering in this incredible novel.

Wouldn't it be great if the skills you are learning in persuasive communication
and influencing others could be so successful that you could influence thousands
of people instead of hundreds, or a few?

Obviously sales would increase, revenues would go up, people would be happier
and well, you get the idea.

When the President of the United States gets on TV, he talks to millions of
people. That automatically makes him a person of great influence because he
has access. People with media coverage like suicide bombers in Israel and Iraq
are people of influence because they have access. The media covers the results
of their actions and people are influenced around the world.

You probably don't have the media covering you every day. You probably don't
want to blow people or buildings up to get your point across. You are probably an
ethical, honest and caring person who wants to make a difference and hopefully
increase your standard of living at the same time. How? By influencing far more
people than you ever thought possible.

I found out a long time ago that there were some things I simply had to do and
people I simply had to meet and befriend if I was going to be as influential as I
wanted to be. And so, I did. And you will too.

I have no idea what your profession is, what you sell or what your company
produces, but there is one certain fact. You can influence several times as many
people as you currently do to use you, your products or your services.
Have you ever seen an image of a metropolitan area taken from a satellite? You
see lots of lights and built up areas that eventually thin out to more rural areas.
It's kind of interesting that at least in America, most people live in cities.
A person of great influence in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota is not as likely to influence
the general public as a person of great influence in London, Singapore, Los
Angeles or New York. There are simply more connections that are possible in the
big city.

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