Ken McCarthy - Advanced Copywriting Course

Ken McCarthy - Advanced Copywriting Course

    Ken McCarthy - Advanced Copywriting Course 

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* A secret way (almost nobody uses) to legally and ethically make “magic pill” claims in your ads!

  * How to use an ordinary water cooler to “pre-test” the response-power of your headlines.

  * Two proven “cures” for writers block. (The first one is simply doing a lot of research. The second one is much easier…and can be found at your corner grocery store.)

  * The amazing “wealth attraction” secret of two ex-communist military-trained killers! (This is THE big secret behind Ken's multi-million dollar “System Seminar” business.  And it works even if you have no clue how to market, sell or advertise.)

  * How to get people to instantly stop and read your email pitches -- even if you have a weak subject line!

  * How to get binders full of glowing customer testimonials without resorting to “shameless bribes” or begging.

  * Why personalizing your emails with your prospect's name can hurt your response. (And the faster and easier thing you can do instead.)

  * How to stick out like a sore thumb in even the most hyper-competitive and over-saturated markets!

  * The exact place to put your order link in an email to get the hottest, most qualified prospects to respond.

  * How to use a journalist's “hidden guilt” (every reporter has) to get your product raved about in the mass media.

  * The incredible joint venture secret Ken used to quickly build a million-dollar business…without even selling anything!

  *  When purposely writing a weak headline can massively increase your response!

  * How to create “emotional memories” of your product and business so people always remember who you are and what you sell.

  * A simple auto-responder secret (often used in “Dear Abby” columns) a few, very savvy marketers have used to conquer their niches almost overnight.

  * An extremely effective sales letter close (discovered by Dan Kennedy) that whips people “on the fence” about ordering into a virtual buying frenzy.

  * How to use the “left over” headlines and bullet points (you can’t use in your ad) to drive more traffic to your products, websites and business.

  * How to sell products and services in your emails…without sending anyone to a sales pitch!

  * An incredibly simple copywriting secret (Ken discovered while watching a paranoid schizophrenic) that makes researching your ads ten times faster and easier.

  * How to use simple cartoons to explode your sales…no matter what you sell or who you sell to.  (For example, you'd be amazed at how easily a picture of a phone operator with her headset on can jack up your response!)

  * Why starting the name of your business with the letter "A" can sometimes drive your sales through the roof...even if you do nothing but wait for the phone to ring!

  * An enormously profitable sales tactic (discovered in a popular William Shakespeare play) that makes your customers willing to move heaven and earth to order your product…

  *  How to use your accountant to dramatically increase your sales without paying a penny for his “help.”

  * How to “nurture” your customer list without sending them even one letter or email.

  * How to use your local telephone company to double the power and urgency of your deadlines!

  * A secret way to use your prospects' natural bad memory to boost the response and sales of your ads.

  * A simple direct mail secret (almost nobody talks about) that can instantly explode the sales of your email promotions.

  * How to get your competition to help you sell your products and services...without them even knowing about it!

  * An ordinary punctuation mark that’s killing your response right now…whether you realize it or not.

  * How to use your “mission statement” to increase your sales…even if nobody reads it!

  * How to eliminate prostate problems without taking off your pants? (This has nothing to do with copywriting…but millions of guys have this problem, and it's discussed in this seminar.)

  * An old (but still effective) way to sell your products and services in your ads with just one word!

  * An exclusive look at a simple copywriting skill so powerful that, when you learn it…
  *  How to quickly test multiple different versions of your Internet sales letter without spending a lot of money or even needing to be "computer literate."

  * How to get your prospects to order RIGHT NOW...without using phony "must order by midnight" deadlines or other foolish gimmicks that turn people off!

  * Little-known order form secrets that can as much as double your response in the next five minutes!

  * The ingenious selling tactic John Wayne used to become one of the most famous movie stars in history. (Ken paid for his house -- with cash -- using this one secret alone!)

  * A simple way of knowing exactly which names on your email list will respond to a direct mail offer!

  * How to make your strongest claims even more toning them down.

  * The incredible copywriting secret found in the Holy Bible that helped one famous copywriter sell hundreds of millions of dollars of books by mail order.

  * The “TV Guide” secret (used by Hollywood moguls and Wall Street money wizards) that lets you accurately guess the profit potential of your ideas before spending any time and money on them.

  * How to use boiling anger to sell dull products and services!

  * How to use music to get new business in your door…no matter what you sell.

  * An extremely powerful way (used by 7-Up and Apple Computers) to get people to revolt from your competition -- and flock to you, your business and your products!

  * How to use direct mail to dramatically beef up the response of your email promotions...without even mailing any letters!

        There's more.  A lot more.  

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