Ken McArthur - Info Product Blueprint

Ken McArthur - Info Product Blueprint

    Ken McArthur - Info Product Blueprint

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Everything You Need in One Big Box


Section One - The Making of Joint Venture Formula - Complete 6 DVD Set

This DVD set documents how I helped Sterling Valentine go from an Internet marketing rookie with no product, no partners, and no large mailing list to an “ instant” Internet marketing celebrity. Now you can see the entire process, behind the scenes, documented “as it happened.”


Section Two - Skill Set DVDs - Complete 8 DVD Set

Launching With Style—Mike Filsaime
Copywriting Basics—Carl Galletti
Internet Infomercials 101—Mike Koenigs
Selling Your Products—John Di Lemme
Photography for Info Products—Mary Mazullo
The 7 Steps for Creating Remarkable Projects—Michael Port
Two Complete DVDs on Outsourcing Info Product Creation—Frank Sousa


Section Three - Skill Set Audio CDs - Complete 6 CD Set with full printed transcripts

Using Audio and Video to Sell Info Products—Rick Raddatz
Selling Info Products on Ebay—Mike Enos
Building Content for Info Products—Lori Steffen & Jeff Wark
Customer Service for Info Products—JoAnna Brandi
How Live Seminars and Events Help You Create and Sell Info Products—Mike Ambrosio
Legal Issues to Consider When Creating and Selling Info Products—Bob Silber


Section Four - Case Study Audio CDs - Complete 5 CD Set with full printed transcripts

Surefire Marketing Launches—Yanik Silver
The Affiliate Manager Launch—Anik Singal
Super Affiliate Handbook Launch—Rosalyn Gardner
Wedding Firesale Launch—Willie Crawford
E-Book Launch—Frank Sousa


Section Five - MASSIVE 674-Page, Comprehensive Info Product Blueprint Workbook and Action Plan

Module 1: Brainstorming And Research

Determine Your Objectives
Fill A Need
Research Your Market
Research Your Competition
Research Your Keywords
Selecting A Delivery Method
Name Your Project And Pick Your Domain Name
Product Descriptions And Messaging Points
Write Your Sales Page
Consider Your Timing
Select Backend Products
Create An Action Plan
Module 2: How To Build Your Content

It’s Your Turn
Content Is King
Good Content
Why Should You Create Content?
Uses Of Content
Why You Don’t Create Content?
It’s Time for Some Fun Idea Building
Article Building - The Start
Article Magic Technique
Content Creation As You Talk
Public Domain
Private Label Rights
Stealing Someone Else’s Content For Profit
How To Make Money With Rebrandable And Source Code Software And Scripts
Module 3: Product Development

Creating E-Books FAST!
Adding Audio To Your Website
Adding Video To Your Website
How To Create Screen Captures
How To Create Teleseminars
Preparing Teleseminar Audio For A Professional
Why Paying For Content Just Makes Sense
Module 4: Packaging

How To Create Photographs
Graphic Design Advice That May Save Your Life…Or At Least Your Project
Exploring Your Packaging Options
Doing It All Yourself
Module 5: Copywriting

The Personal Touch
Format and Layout
Keyword-Rich Copy
Reading Level
Attention Span
Module 6: Designing Your Website

Websites That Sell
How To Capture Leads
How To Work With Autoresponders
Google AdWords For Info Products
Module 7: Selling And Delivering The Product

Making Sure The Order Goes Through
Product Fulfillment
Module 8: Affiliate Programs And Joint Ventures

Setting Up An Affiliate Program
How to Leverage Your Assets With Joint Ventures
Module 9: Launching With Style

Launch Overview
Defining Launch Objectives
Building Buzz
Attracting Partners
“But Wait There’s More…”
Growing The List
Public Relations
Social Proof
What Can Go Wrong
Module 10: Follow-up And Customer Support

Customer Support
How To Keep Building Your Backend For Repeat Sales
Promoting by Email
Appendix A - Biographies

Appendix B - Resources


Section Six - Crucial Data from the Largest Research Survey Ever Conducted on Information Products

The MBS Internet Research Center 2006 Information Products Survey

In 2006, I conducted an extensive, in-depth survey of more than 10,000 people who purchase info products. The survey participants were members of my two online businesses, MBS Internet Research Center and members of Together, these members represent many of the same people you might want as customers.

My goal was to identify:

What types of info products people bought.
What they expected to pay for them.
Which niche markets have eager buyers.
What types of media buyers want.
The survey results were nothing short of amazing! When you can get customers to tell you exactly what they want, you have information that is priceless. And that's what you'll find in this special report—real buyers of info products telling you what they are willing to buy from you and how much they'll pay.

Can a report like this help your info product business? Do I even have to ask?

If you use this report, it will be like having customers hand their wallets to you. The information inside is that powerful.

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