Autodesk Inventor HSM Ultimate 2019.0.2

Autodesk Inventor HSM Ultimate 2019.0.2

Autodesk Inventor HSM Ultimate 2019.0.2

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Integrated CAM for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor. Inventor HSM and HSMWorks, available only as part of the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, simplify the machining workflow with integrated 2.5-axis to 5-axis milling, turning, and mill-turn CAM for Inventor and SOLIDWORKS.

CAD/CAM for Inventor and SOLIDWORKS - Go directly from CAD design to CAM programming to CNC milling machine with one integrated workflow. Inventor HSM and HSMWorks provide CAD/CAM tools for Inventor and SOLIDWORKS.
AnyCAD in Inventor - Design changes in the source CAD system get automatically updated downstream in drawings and toolpaths.
Adaptive clearing - Reduce roughing time by a factor of 4 or more compared to conventional roughing, and increase tool life.
CAD/CAM integration - Use the familiar tools and user interface in Inventor or SOLIDWORKS software.
Faster toolpath calculation time - Multiprocessor/multicore CPU support reduces toolpath calculation times, especially on large or complex designs.
2.5-axis machining - Strategies for 2D machining on flat planes. Included in the free Express and regular versions of HSMWorks and Inventor HSM.
3-axis milling and 3+2 positioning - Choose from several 3-axis styles, or select a work plane, and perform 3+2 axis positioning with the same CAM strategies.
Multiaxis operations - Simultaneous 4- and 5-axis features for machining complex models include multiaxis contouring, 3D toolpath tilting, and more.
Turning and mill-turn - Improve productivity with traditional turning, facing, grooving, and boring functions. Includes support for live tooling mill-turning.

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