PAC: Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum

PAC: Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum

PAC: Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum

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November 2012 marks my 10th year as a full time entrepreneur online. To celebrate we are temporarily knocking the price down 70% on this fantastic course.

"Are you ready for a business that can be run from anywhere, doesn't involve you shipping anything to customers, and is virtually competition proof?"

Does this course work? Listen to this live testimonial recorded Nov 6th 2012. You'll meet Barrington. He took this course and put it to work. He lives on a beach in Jamaica, and is expecting to sell $200K in 2012 on Amazon (on his way to a million dollar business):

start quoteWe signed up for Amazon FBA seven months ago, and so far we have completed a little over 4,100 orders on Amazon. I consider this VERY successful and based on our sourcing criteria of 1:3 (buy for $10, predict we can sell for $30), we have had good profitability.end quote
-- Denny Basham

Pay attention! Since 2011 we've been teaching people how to succeed with the "Proven Amazon Course". In 2012 we gave the course a MAJOR upgrade. As we head toward 2013 we are more excited than ever about this opportunity.

FACT: If you aren't including as part of your online business activities you are missing out on the majority of online shopping activity that is happening online. In one recent month 'Mashable' reported that one in five Internet users globally had visited That's insane traffic.

What is the "Proven Amazon Course"?

For several months I sought out and worked with the most successful Amazon sellers and creative Amazon selling experts in the world. Together we created a course and launched THE LARGEST AMAZON SELLER DISCUSSION FORUM IN THE WORLD. It's monitored by several members of my staff and my best customers... and it's all aimed at helping you tap into the tens of millions of shoppers that are swarming every day.

Did you know that you can send Amazon a boxful of products at a time and they will sell and ship those products for you? (a.k.a FBA or "Fulfillment By Amazon") Did you know that you can send virtually ANY product you'd like
start quoteSince starting FBA I have seen my sales increase in almost every two-week period. I managed to have great sales for the 6-week holiday selling season. What I've learned from that year will translate into 2-3X that for this year. end quote
-- Brad K
INCLUDING your own branded products if you so choose?

Did you know that Amazon allows you to use their dirt cheap shipping rates when you send them your boxes of inventory?

Did you know you can "bundle" similar products as an Amazon seller and increase your margins on even highly competitive products?

Did you know there are simple tools you can use to find profitable inventory in virtually unlimited supply ALL AROUND YOU (retail stores, Wal-Mart etc.)? Amazon IS NOT just about books, CD's and DVD's anymore!

Do you realize that eBay is now trying to play catch-up with Amazon? eBay only recently started putting a plan in place to try to compete with Amazon's FBA service and they are WAY behind!

The exciting news is: You can STILL get in ahead of the curve! A PARTIAL list of contributing experts and forum moderators for this course:
Chris Green : A FBA pro and our primary FBA coach
Jim Cockrum (me) : Founder
Julie Anna Schultz : Her family has been using FBA for a long time successfuly
Nathan Holmquist : An MST pro and FBA expert
Skip McGrath : An icon of online selling success
Stephanie Inge : Founder of Dallas eBay User Group and FBA user
Steve Lindhorst : Long time Amazon pro and FBA user
Suzanne Wells : A coach and creative online seller
Bob Willey : An FBA leader and 3-year veteran
several other very successful Amazon sellers that all combined have
sold multiple millions of dollars of various products on
We'll show you:
Where to find virtually unlimited sources of inventory well beyond
"books, cd's and dvd's". We've just added a course that others paid
$1,400 for that shows you STEP BY STEP how to find profitable inventory
any time you'd like to -LOCALLY!
How to easily ship your inventory in bulk at dirt cheap prices
directly to Amazon's warehouse (you don't have to ship to customers!
Just ship it to Amazon!)
How to price your inventory higher than your competition while still outselling them (this will blow your mind!)
How to automate the entire process so that you only check your sales reports
How to run your business from anywhere (unlike eBay, you can
take vacations and leave your business running while you play or work no
other business models!)
The simple tools you can take with you anywhere you ever go so
you can instantly spot the "winning inventory" and within a couple mouse
clicks be 100% done with your part of the job. Amazon does the rest.
Much more..
Not included in the video...the $1,400 training we've just added that shows you how to buy profitable inventory locally.

According to in a recent survey of FBA sellers (those using FBA to pick, pack, and ship their orders to buyers) they told Amazon the following:
92% of survey respondents who have shipped at least one unit through FBA reported their unit sales have increased since joining
78% of survey respondents saw an average increase in unit sales of 20 percent or more
89% of survey respondents would recommend FBA to a friend or colleague
What's included?
FBA Course Audio Interview (and full transcript) with Jim Cockrum, Suzanne Wells, and Skip McGrath
7 Course Videos
eBook: Amazon 90-Day Experiment
Chris Green's Auction Arbitrage book that has been sold for over $99
Report: Craigslist Ad for Inventory
Report: Selling on Amazon's FBA Program
Report: Understanding the Amazon Customer
New Book: 99 Wholesale Niche Sources for Merchandise to Sell on Amazon and eBay
Extended trials of the power tools that can automate your business
Expert-monitored discussion forum area (this alone is worth 5
times the price of this course). This area is SWARMING with Amazon
sellers sharing creative ideas and helping each other out.
Six months of FULL access to This alone is worth far more than the price of the course. We have thousands of members paying monthly for access!
"Advanced Retail Arbitrage" training showing you how to source virtually
unlimited profitable product locally. 30 of my top students each paid
$1,400 in late 2011 for this training live, but we recorded it all and
added it to the course as a bonus!
MUCH more being added constantly...this is "ongoing training" with an
ever growing forum with new experts asking to join in all the time.

Below is a short video with a very cool success story from one of many "$1,000 per day" sellers that we've trained with this course. The student (Brett) claimed on my blog one day in a comment that he was selling $1,000 per day on Amazon. A doubter placed a public $5,000 bet against him in the following comment saying that Brett was making it up and couldn't prove it! Here's what happened next...

Some Questions you might have:

Q. Once I pay what happens?
A. You are taken immediately to the course resource page with all content instantly available including all bonuses. No waiting.

Q. Is this an international opportunity?
A. Yes it is! While most of our current experts and coaches are U.S. based, "Amazon Services Europe" launched several new features in 2010 making it even easier for you to expand your business into Europe. You can now use a British, French, German, or Austrian bank account to sell on, and With Fulfillment by Amazon, you can now serve orders across 27 European countries offering local returns handling and customer service in UK, Germany, and France. Japan is also included. This course is NOT just about FBA though. The Amazon opportunity is global so this course is for EVERYONE.

Q.Does replace eBay? Yes, and No.

A. eBay is still great for the "unusual", collectible, or "one of a kind" items. It's also great for lead generation
purposes. is FAR BETTER for anything with a bar code on it that you don't want to "mess around" with. You CAN sell un-barcoded items on Amazon too though! eBay is playing "catch up" at this point. Also, you can use Amazon's fulfillment services to ship your inventory for you eliminating the biggest hassle of running an eBay business.

Q. Is there a refund policy on the PAC?
A. As with everything I ever endorse, there is a 100% refund policy if you don't find the value you were expecting. Of the first 100 orders we had 1 refund request though. This is a popular course.

Q. Aren't there some U.S. states with Amazon seller restrictions?
A. Short answer "no". There is a dispute between Amazon and some U.S. states regarding tax issues with affiliate marketers, but that is ONLY a factor for those who are promoting Amazon's affiliate program. The PAC course you are about to purchase is entirely unaffected by this issue.
Q. Is there anything else to buy if I purchase this course?
A. The information we'll show you is everything you need to get started. You may have to spend a little money getting your first inventory sourced. Also, Chris Green uses some great equipment to help automate his entire operation and it costs around $360 or so to get it all ONCE YOU ARE RAMPED UP. We'll show you exactly what equipment and software he uses on the course resource page. There are plenty of Amazon sellers and FBA users that start out with no software tools or equipment and work their way up to a fully automated business as they can afford it. Do not spend your last bit of cash on this course, but if you have a little capital to work with this is a fantastic business model.

This course and the added training you are about to get are worth far more than the $347 $99 price tag! Over 30 people paid $1400 for ONLY the product sourcing training (called "Advanced Amazon Retail Arbitrage") and that training is part of the course you'll be getting!

This $347 $99 price point is a steal! We reserve the right to increase the price without warning at any point as we seek to maintain the highest level of support for those that take this course. It's worth $3,000+ easily and continues to get great results for our hundreds of students.

"As I finish my ten years of online income I proudly endorse this course as a great place for you to start. The PAC is changing lives faster than any other course I've ever launched and I want to share it with you." Jim Cockrum - November 2012
"As I finish my ten years of online income I proudly endorse this course as a great place for you to start. The PAC is changing lives faster than any other course I've ever launched and I want to share it with you." Jim Cockrum - November 2012

The $99 special is for 10 days only in celebration of my 10 years of freedom from having a "real job". After that the price goes back up to $347.

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RE: PAC: Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum

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OnGoing "Group Buy" - Save 98% of Original Product Cost
Exclusive V.I.P. Memberships for TvBB Members
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