Michael Neill - Impacting Leaders

Michael Neill - Impacting Leaders

   Michael Neill - Impacting Leaders

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Here’s a fact which could land you some high-paying clients.

Forbes has published a study by Stanford University and an executive coaching firm revealing that almost 66% of chief executives do not have a coach…

 And every one of those executives wishes they had one.

 Another article published by Harvard Business Review reported that two in five new chief executives fail within the first 18 months of the job due to insurmountable pressures they face.

It’s strikingly clear.

 There is a HUGE demand and need for transformative coaching to serve leaders and self-leaders passionate to impact the world and build their legacy.

This is not just limited to CEOs and C-level executives. Entrepreneurs, community leaders, celebrities, artists, athletes and other high-performing individuals also recognize the need of coaches to boost their performance and growth.

And if you’re here, the opportunity for you to become the coach who serves these high-impact individuals is ripe for the picking.

First, Let’s Investigate What CEOs, Leaders, And Other High-achieving Individuals Really Want From 
A Coach
Perhaps you feel you’re not qualified to coach leaders, influencers, and high-impact individuals. You could be thinking:

How do I coach someone who’s probably more successful than me?
I don’t have the right executive coaching certifications… which qualification is even recognized or trustworthy?
Don’t I need corporate or relevant industry experience to coach C-level execs?
Do I have the right coaching skills and techniques for high-achievers?
What if I’m just not good enough or they think I’m a fraud?
It’s completely natural to have these fears and doubts. After all, we understand it can be very intimidating to serve high-impact, high-achieving individuals. It’s an entirely new level of gameplay.

But rest assured... You don’t have to worry about certifications, qualifications, industry experience, or magical techniques.

Because there is only one specific quality CEOs, leaders, and other high-achieving individuals actually want from you as a coach, 
and that is...

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