Tom Kenemore - 50 Ways To Make & Keep More Money In Business

Tom Kenemore - 50 Ways To Make & Keep More Money In Business

Tom Kenemore - 50 Ways To Make & Keep More Money In Business

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Serial entrepreneur shows you how think like a millionaire by being frugal, save money & profit more in business & life!

Learning objectives: After taking this course:
You will know over 50 ways to save money in your business or startup
You will be able to set up a budget for your company using the included Excel spreadsheet
You will learn specific strategies for negotiating business and personal expenses to save $1000’s
You will know the software and accounting programs that can help you save money in business
You will know how to save money with rent hacking or house hacking
You will learn how to think like a millionaire and have the attitude to save money
You will learn how to save on credit card and Paypal merchant fees
You will learn why renting and leasing can save you money over buying
You will learn why trade and barter can save you money and make you more profit
You will learn how to get your vendors to finance your product purchases
You will learn how to save on business travel, meals and more with reward credit cards
And so much more!

Have the millionaire mindset and an attitude of saving money!

Yes, you should think like a millionaire entrepreneur! Not the business people and stars you see on the news, but the real wealthy entrepreneurs next door! They have one thing in common! They love to save money!

Saving money is just like making money. Sometimes it’s easier to cut an expense than it is to increase your income! And since most of you are sole proprietors or home based business owners, personal expenses are real important to your overall financial picture as well. So for the purpose of this course, I’ll also share my top tips on saving money personally because that translates into more cash in your pocket for business or pleasure!

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