EBay on Steroids - Be your own EBay

EBay on Steroids - Be your own EBay

EBay on Steroids - Be your own EBay

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Learn how to Make Money on Ebay with Unlimited Inventory. Be your very own manufaturer. $1841 in October 2015
* Lectures 14
As a ebayer since 2005. I can say I know ebay inside out. I have been selling on ebay for more than 10 years.
I will teach you a ebay system that I have been using for the past few year and even now I am still running this system, In the course you will see me login to various ebay account as a proof.

I make $1841 in October 2015 just by selling PLR ebooks that I have rebrand and repackage.

In the beginning ebay was easy, I could buy a item from a store near my place at full retail price and sell it on ebay and still make a profit. I start doing that and eventually grow bigger and I start sourcing product from China, Malaysia and Thailand and resell it on Ebay.

As more and more seller join in and take a pie of the market share. It become harder. Gone are the days where you can order a product from manufacturer and list it on ebay. Gone are the days with drop shipping. Maybe it still work. But I have no success with those. I even have a manufacturer that supply me a range of product and they have their own team to sell on ebay. Do you think you can outperform the manufacturer. Let face it ebay is a big market place. Manufacturer in the last 10 years has been slowly moving part of their sale to ebay (they never let you know about this).

To cut story short. You are going to learn how I take PLR product and turn it into a unique product that no one has. And because of that I have unlimited inventory.

You will also learn a secret how to make 100% of the profit. If your item sell for $10 you make $10 and if your item sell for $30 you make $30. You will learn this trick in my course. Please do note that we are delivering physical product to the customer. Nobody has ever share this tricks.

I get into the system in-depth.

This is not a set and forget system, you need to work for it. Once you have build your inventory to 300 item, you can sit back and enjoy and never worry about money. And with my course you never run out of inventory. you can find 1000s of inventory for a small costs.

Is there any cost involved?

Yes you need some inventory first, some software and tools. You can do it under 200 - 300. Once you have build your inventory, from then on your sales = profit. 100% profit for whatever selling price.

P/S Please note this is not a course on how to open a ebay account, how to open a paypal account. This are elementary stuff you can find video on youtube on how to open a ebay account.

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