James Bonnet - Storymaking DVD

James Bonnet - Storymaking DVD

James Bonnet - Storymaking DVD

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This extraordinary journey inside the process of storymaking reveals the mysteries that made fairy tales and all the great classics so powerful and enduring - the secrets that made the top grossing films so successful - and the principles that can guide you to a profound understanding of story and the creative process and a true mastery of the storymaker’s art.

In this DVD you will learn the fundamentals that drive all great stories - including The Creative Unconscious, The Essence of Story, The Power of the Threat, The Character Archetypes, The Subject, The Golden Paradigm, The Storywheel and much, much more.

Additional Bonus Feature: The High Concept Pitch

The high concept is the heart of a great pitch and with these new tools in hand, you will know how to create intriguing story ideas that will attract attention and sell.

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