Dan Kennedy Monthly 2010 - 2012

Dan Kennedy Monthly 2010 - 2012

Dan Kennedy Monthly 2010 - 2012

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An astounding collection of current Dan Kennedy and GKIC (Glazer Kennedy Inner Circle) content. This is thousands of dollars of premium content. You can really get a sense of the empire Dan Kennedy has created when you look at all the niches and levels of content that he has available (HINT: You should be doing the same thing for your clients). And it looks like it is all here. Take a look at the files list to see what is included. If you are a business selling to the public, or a business selling to other businesses(B2B), or a marketer selling consulting to online or offline, you will find value here. Many of the monthly audio CDs are included.

I looked at a number of the files and I was impressed at the depth of the content. I have no doubt that if you absorb even 10% of what's in here, you will be miles ahead of your competitors. Dan's not afraid to call a stupid idea...well, stupid. And that straight talk will give you the confidence to clearly articulate your values when speaking to your prospects/suspects.

Handy content guide:
MTTA - Marketing To The Affluent
IMA - Info Marketing Letter
LOS - Look Over My Shoulder
MYS - Marketing Your Services
S&D - Swipe and Deploy

I cleaned up some of the directory structure (endlessly nested folders created a ton of path issues) The file structure is not as pristine as I would like, but you will just have to go with it. This is a huge collection and rather than split it up into smaller chunks, it is all here so you can grab what you want. Trust me, you want to get everything!

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