Udemy - MAYA Animation - Bouncing Ball Animation

Udemy - MAYA Animation - Bouncing Ball Animation

Udemy - MAYA Animation - Bouncing Ball Animation

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This is a one animation that every beginner must master before ever moving on to more complex animations.
This is the first lesson taught to any animation student. The ball bounce is the foundation for all other animations. . By following it you will grasp most of the principals used in animation.
This exercise will teach you the most important principles of animation such as Arc, Squash and Stretch, Ease In - Ease Out, Timing. Bouncing ball is also based on physics dynamics principles related to gravity, acceleration, momentum, and mass. So it’s extremely important that you know how to accurately animate a ball bounce.
In this assignment, aspirants will learn the step-by-step how to create a ball bounce animation.
Start with the drawing a path of action from left to right. This is the path the ball will follow. As is the case with most animation, our path of action is made up of ARCS. Because, most objects, characters, etc. move in ARCS and NOT in straight lines.

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