Brian Tracy - New Release - Sales Techniques

Brian Tracy - New Release - Sales Techniques

Brian Tracy - New Release - Sales Techniques

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1.  Success is a Journey
In this inspirational tale of vision, courage and determination, you learn timeless truths and universal lessons to help you on your own personal journey.

2.  Building Customer Relationships
Make more money by building and maintaining good relationships with your customers.

Successful salespeople are far better at building and maintaining high-quality relationships with their prospects and customers than average salespeople. People are 100% emotional. They decide emotionally and then justify logically. How the customer feels about you as a person will have more of an influence on what the customer decides than any other factor.

In this DVD training program you'll learn the important steps to building good relationships with your customers and others.

3.  Influencing Customer Behavior
Why is it that people buy or refuse to buy? Why is it that some people buy quickly, and some people take forever to buy, or never buy at all?

The more you know about how and why people do the things they do, the faster and easier it will be for you to turn prospects into customers and then to get the referrals and resales that will make you a top producer in your field.

In this session you will learn one of the most powerful influence strategies and techniques ever discovered in professional selling.

4.  Negotiating the Sale
Negotiate your way to becoming the top sales professional in your field!

All of life is a negotiation. Much of your happiness and success in life is determined by how well you negotiate for what you want.

Are YOU good at it? If not, this DVD will show you essential skills and techniques to winning in all negotiations!

5.  Personal Sales Planning
What is YOUR plan for accomplishing your sales goals?

Action without planning is the cause of every failure. Successful salespeople are better thinkers than average salespeople. The more accurate you are in thinking about your sales goals and the activities necessary to accomplish them, the more successful you will be.

6.  The New Model of Selling
Apply a New Model of Selling that has revolutionized and transformed the careers of thousands of salespeople worldwide!

Top sales professionals are those who have changed, adjusted and adapted to the new world of selling. They treat customers differently and they see themselves differently. They recognize that sales success requires very different approaches to the customer and the market.

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