Brian Tracy - Master Your Time

Brian Tracy - Master Your Time

Brian Tracy - Master Your Time

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This program takes you through various sections such as "what time management can do for you" to "overcoming procrastination". If you have any problems with a time management area and want to get them sorted, this is 100% for you to read.

This program brings you good time management skills, which is why it's called "Master your time". What else could you want from a time management program?

If you want to master your time READ THIS NOW!

Purpose of this program is to educate you on how to get good time management skills that you can carry through life from here onwards. Brian Tracy master your time and his program will fulfill this.

Brain Tracy - How to Master your Time
What time management will do for you

* No success is possible without excellent time management skills
* Repeat to yourself “I am excellent at time management”. Believe it
* Visualize yourself as an excellent time keeper
* Act the part as an actor is an excellent time keeper, fake it until you make it
* Any information you share are permanently yours
* Imagine everyone is looking up to you and how would you act in that situation
* Self-esteem is the core of a good personality. How much you like yourself is the essence of success
* People who really value themselves, use their time more efficiently
* Quality of life is dependent on your quality of time management
* See yourself as a factory... input, activities, outputs. Must increase on your outputs; ask what you’re expected to produce
* Time is the hardest to get. Nothing is possible without it, once it’s gone, it’s lost forever
* Time management makes you result orientated
* You grow as a person depending on how far you push
* Promise yourself that you will improve your time management
* Stick to your time management always, never slack or give exceptions
* Completely believe “I will become outstanding at time management”

Setting goals and objectives

* If you don’t have goals yourself, you’re doomed to work towards other peoples goals
* Dream big dreams, they inspire you
* Goals must be in writing in past tense like they have already been achieved
* Goals must be balanced in 3 areas of life. Financial/career, family/friends and achievements
* Decide on one goal that is the biggest of them all
* Write your own life story, what you have achieved
* What one thing would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?
* Write out your 3 most important goals everyday on the top of your daily goal list
* List everything you want and do for the next 5 years, no obstacles. Put down as many as possible in the form of A, B, C.
* Write down 10 actions to completing you’re A goals and order them by A1, A2 etc
* Imagine your goals as already achieved. Close your eyes and see them as achieved
* Emotionalise your goals “I will weight 12 stone 09/09/07 and I will be very happy”
* Accept 100% responsibility for everything to complete your goals. If it is to be, it’s up to me.
* Once you have your goal in mind, act as if it’s impossible to fail
* Do something every day to get closer to your goals

Business and career goal setting

* Boss is your customer, please your customers
* How does your boss define satisfaction? Ask your boss, “Why am I on the payroll?”
* What are my output responsibilities? If it is measurable, specific and can be written on paper, it is under my control. Serving as an input to someone else is an output
* We’re all in the business of customer satisfaction
* What are your core functions? Example a receptionist answers the phone.
* Identify obstacles that keep you from your goals. List them, number them and add solutions
* Determine your limiting step, what sets your speed?
* What knowledge/information do I need to know?
* Whose help do you need? Who can help and who can block?
* Absolute clarity on your goals is a must

Getting yourself organized

* 1 minute in planning serves as 5 minutes in execution
* Action without planning is a definite failure
* More time you spend thinking through your plan the better it will be
* Increase productiveness by being neat
* Look at your desk as a 3rd party and think will you trust them with work?
* T - Toss, R - Refer, A- Action, F - File, this is TRAF system
* A - Urgent and important, B - Important, C - Like to do, D - Delegate, E - Eliminate
* Early to bed, early to rise is the best way to be

Getting things done

* What are you trying to do? How are you going to do it?
* Would a highly effective person work like this?
* Make a reward system and only reward yourself if the goal is 100% done
* Whenever you stray just say “Back to work”
* Use concentration of power
* Concentrate on a few areas where the outcome is the best
* Do things that you are better at
* Concentrate human strength on opportunities
* “Fish for whales not minoes”
* Why am I on the payroll? Work towards that reason
* Set deadlines and stick to them
* Allow enough time to do everything well
* Don’t rush, work steadily

Overcoming procrastination

* Qualities - Set priorities and get the job done fast
* Set worthwhile goals that you really want
* Continually visualize the goals as completed
* Use the power of positive affirmations, before any task say “Do it now”
* Set a deadline and do it
* Refuse to rationalize or procrastinate on anything
* Program yourself to take 100% responsibility for results
* 5 things to do when doing a job:
o Write a plan
o Clean up your workspace
o Always start with the biggest task
o Procrastinate the small tasks that don’t matter

Overcoming procrastination

1. Think on paper, list everything in advance
2. Gather all the necessary to do’s in advance
3. Do one small thing to get started
4. Break the task down into slices/ pieces
5. Swiss-cheese - choose a 5 minute part of the job, and then do it
6. Start from the outside, tackle the little important things first
7. Start from the middle and tackle the big things first
8. Do the task that causes the biggest fear
9. Start the day with the most unpleasant task
10. Thinking of the negative aspects of the job not being done
11. Think of how you will benefit from the completion
12. Set aside a 15 minute break to work on the project
13. Decide not to worry if the job is perfect
14. Pick one area where procrastination is stopping you and overcome it
15. When you have began, refuse to stop until you’ve completed
16. Maintain fast tempo, work fast, walk fast and get on with it

Keeping up

* Successful people are people who know more than someone else
* Earn more, learn more
* Read one hour on your chosen field everyday
* Invest 3% of your income on yourself to get better
* Read books, highlight books while reading
* Learn speed reading
* Faster you read the more you retain
* Listen to tapes in your car while travelling
* Always keep looking for ways to help, give favours to people who can help you
* T x R = P. T = Talents, R = Relationships, P = Productivity
* Plan everything in advance, commit to a lifelong personal development
* Improve communication skills since miscommunication wastes time
* Never assume a person has understood until that person can tell you it back
* Life is the study of attention
* Problem solving - write down all the ways in which it can be solved then start doing them

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