Symantec Endpoint Recovery Tool 2014

Symantec Endpoint Recovery Tool 2014

 Symantec Endpoint Recovery Tool 2014    

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Description: The Symantec Endpoint Recovery Tool (SERT) is a bootable CD that can scan and remove malware from an infected computer. SERT is useful in situations where computers are too heavily infected for the Symantec Endpoint Protection client installed upon them to clean effectively. It is also necessary against specific threats which have the ability to completely hide from Windows, or that have techniques that manipulate Windows into protecting the malicious process against Symantec Endpoint Protection’s scanning and remediation components.

SERT no longer downloads new virus definitions automatically on launch, instead it waits until you start a scan. If you have already provided updated definitions on a USB stick, it does not initiate the download
SERT now includes PCAnywhere ThinClient to enable remote control of the machine to be scanned
SERT now includes support for Symantec Endpoint Encryption 8.0 and earlier
SERT now has better rootkit remediation capabilities

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