DS Domination Complete

DS Domination Complete

DS Domination Complete

Price: 1000$+

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DSDomination Complete:


DS Domination is the only educational platform that is designed for the average person to earn an income online. You do not need to learn anything complicated. Many programs out there promise offer a platform to make money online. Drop shipping with DS Domination is a simple process.

You are basically learning how to copy products from websites like Amazon, Walmart, Overstock and many others, and pasting it onto Ebay and making a profit! When the item sells, you go back to the website you sourced it from and ship it to the customer…


In DS Domination Pro, members are taught how to copy product images and descriptions from Amazon’s website, and then paste those images and descriptions into Ebay to sell them. Generally, you will make net profits of $5 to $30 per sale.

DS Domination Pro Webinars

There are previous DS Domination Pro recorded training webinars available. There is also a sign-up link for all future bi-weekly live training webinars that are held on Wednesdays. The live webinars are recorded and uploaded in here for future reference. All of the webinars are content rich and exciting.

DS Domination Pro Step-by-Step Training Videos

There are step-by-step video tutorials that cover everything from creating accounts at Amazon, Ebay and Paypal to proper use of images, product titles and shipping details.

Four Graduation Presents


In DS Domination Elite, members are taught additional platforms for both buying and selling products and taught how to use tracking programs to help manage your business and increase sales volumes. Plus, there’s a software program that automatically scrapes Ebay looking for products that match the criteria taught in DS Domination Pro.

DS Domination Elite is designed for members looking to make $50 to $200 per sale. In addition to the per sale profits, DS Domination Elite members receive a special bonus that provides a way to make an additional $300 to $500 each week.

DS Domination Elite Webinars

There are previous DS Domination Elite recorded training webinars available. There is also a sign-up link for all future bi-weekly live training webinars that are held on Friday’s. The live webinars are recorded and uploaded in here for future reference. All of the webinars are content rich and exciting.

DS Domination Elite Step-by-Step Training Videos

The DS Domination Elite training videos cover tutorials cover the following addition platforms and services.

*DS DOMINATION UNLEASHED [250.00 one time]

In DS Domination Elite, members are taught additional product platforms. One of the new source platforms was Roger’s bread and butter product source with its near endless supply of profitable products to sell.

DS Domination Unleashed also introduces the process of having products actually shipped to you, and then shipped out to the customer. Unlike the other modules there is a small risk as you are pre-buying the products (at deeply discounted prices).

DS Domination Unleashed Step-by-Step Training Videos

The additional resources are explained including how to navigate the various platforms from the research to the purchase of the products.

*DS DOMINATION MONOPOLY [499.99 one time]

In DS Domination Monopoly, members are taught to reverse the DS Domination model to start selling items on Amazon. In addition, there is a technique taught on placing products for sale on Amazon where you will be the only vendor - getting every sale - creating a monopoly on the product. Plus, there’s a UPC code creation system built into the DS Domination Monopoly section (UPC codes are required when selling products on Amazon).

DS Domination Monopoly Step-by-Step Training Videos

There is a ton of content in these videos. Every aspect of selling products on Amazon is covered from creation of the Amazon seller account to creation of the UPC codes.

*DS Domination Market Xtreme Pack [199.00 one time]

Designed for the DS Domination affiliate marketing element, the DS Domination Market Xtreme Pack is for those looking for online marketing help and information. Here you can set-up lead generation links, buy traffic and buy leads. The DS Domination Xtreme Pack allows you to take advantage of hundreds of thousands of dollars in online advertising investment made by DS Domination.

There’s an overview video and training videos on setting up Aweber and Getresponse autoresponders. The videos feature DS Domination co-founder Kevin Hokoana and as a bonus, he includes his Networking Insight online marketing training course.

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