Bill Glazer - Outrageous Advertising Workshop

Bill Glazer - Outrageous Advertising Workshop

Bill Glazer - Outrageous Advertising Workshop

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OUTRAGEOUS Advertising = A BIG Pile of Money

And if it would be worth a few minutes of your time to learn the simple strategies you can use to quickly transform your current advertising into OUTRAGEOUSLY Effective Advertising that achieves spectacular results, then we recommend you drop everything and pay attention to this important presentation.

Bill Glazer wrote the book on OUTRAGEOUS Advertising. His book hit #1 on the Amazon “Best Seller” List so you can see the book has been an OUTRAGEOUS Success.

And to celebrate Bill recently hosted the OUTRAGEOUS Workshop where he and several other OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful Marketers and Advertisers including DAN KENNEDY, one of the world’s most in-demand marketing strategists, shared their ideas on how to extract more money from your business with OUTRAGEOUS advertising.

Obviously it’s too late to attend the live event but don’t worry, you can walk away with the same big benefit over 600 attendees and be able to immediately put OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful Advertising to work for you and your business at a fraction of the cost to attend live events of this caliber.

The OUTRAGEOUS Advertising Workshop and Swipe File is divided into 5 easy to digest sections

   In Section 1, we’ll cover the basics of Direct Response Marketing that MUST be included in all your advertising.
       In grade school, you learned the 3 R’s (reading, writing, and arithmetic) that are the building blocks of learning. These are the building blocks of OUTRAGEOUS Advertising. Your chances of success increase exponentially when your advertising is built on this solid foundation. It’s SHOCKING how few small business owners and entrepreneurs get this. I promise this module all by itself is worth the investment.
   Section 2 covers 10 Key OUTRAGEOUS Advertising Principals.

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