Perry Marshall - Facebook Firestorm 1 and 2

Perry Marshall - Facebook Firestorm 1 and 2

Perry Marshall - Facebook Firestorm 1 and 2

Price: 399$

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Perry Marshall has done it again. If you are still hazy about how FaceBook fits into your marketing mix, please check out this VERY thorough walkthru of how all the FaceBook pieces fit together. Even though this is from the fall of 2011 there is still a ton of very relevant info here. For me, this has answered a lot of questions. I have kept the video full sized so you can see everything. I think even those of you crushing it on FaceBook, will learn something. If not tell me I'm wrong. I have included the pitch letter in the torrent. It's worth reading for its salesmanship. Another thing I liked was a great tutorial on how to properly evaluate and analyze  the the expenses versus the income so you can see if a campaign is really paying off. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Here's part of the pitch:

Introducing The First Step-by-Step Facebook Marketing Course
So Simple That A Complete Beginner Can Learn -
yet powerful enough to generate leads,sales and ROI.

I’ve spoken with a lot of frustrated Facebook advertisers. You’ve been asking questions like…

  “My FB landing pages usually bomb! I embed video, and no one watches it. I get tons of clicks, but no likes…”

  “I’ve tried twice to figure out the Facebook advertising system, and it’s so confusing I’ve just given up and moved on to other things. I don’t want to hire someone else to manage it, and I’m frustrated that it’s so complex/confusing that I can’t figure it out.”

  “I’m a marketing and PPC consultant. With on Facebook, sometimes I feel dumber than my client.”

  “Is anyone really getting .10-.15 clicks on Facebook ads? With a good target market?”

  “Do I send people to Facebook, or my website? Do I ask for Likes, or Emails, or what? Then what do I do? What about the fact that old people and new people see all the same Fan Page posts?”

  “I just cannot see the 5000ft view of how it all hangs together.”

  “Most of my ads just bomb. If this is direct marketing, it’s the weirdest kind I’ve ever seen.”

  “How do I develop an effective FB Fan Page?”

  “I can get this to work for ‘fun’ businesses. But what about not-so-fun businesses like Dentists? I can’t imagine my kids having a playful chat with their dentist. Don’t know any dentists who are into that either.”

  “We have generated a crap load of clicks, but no conversions.”

  “I do not have my own website as yet, but would like to build an EFFECTIVE FB fan page to generate traffic to…”

  “Frankly I can’t get this to work at all.”

  “I have no idea how to track the results my ads generate.”

  “The interface flat out sucked. Then they killed the accounts of people who used the software I bought.”

  “I need someone to walk me step by step and teach me Facebook advertising.”

Lots Of Folks Have Tried Facebook And Failed.
A Tiny Few Have Made Megabucks.

I have a client who made $200,000 in one year with $5,000 of clicks. Another client turned $12,000 of clicks into $48,000 of business in 2 months. Don Crowther has a client who made $5.6 million in six months. Tom Meloche built an entire software company almost exclusively on Facebook clicks. What’s the difference?

  The difference between winners and losers on Facebook is much bigger than it is on Google. This time around, the people who’ve cracked the code are not volunteering to show you how they did it. Until now.

Bryan Todd, Thomas Meloche and I have experimented with Facebook ads for three years and we’ve nailed this. Just as we did with Google AdWords 8 years ago, we’ve broken this down to its most basic parts. (Payment plans available.)

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