Sean D'Souza - Info Product Home Study Course

Sean D'Souza - Info Product Home Study Course

Sean D'Souza - Info Product Home Study Course

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How to create knockout information products that instantly separate you from the competition, and enable you to charge higher prices (Home Study Course)
No one wants to put together an info-product that’s ho-hum, so how come so many books, videos and presentations put us soundly to sleep?

You know as well as I do, that an information product isn’t just about putting information together?

Information itself is super-boring.

It’s just a bunch of stuff stacked up together. Sure you can put in some nice layouts, great fonts, maybe even insert a ton of lah-dee-dah. But the information—that’s just bits and bobs put together. And bits and bobs don’t make for an utterly memorable info-product, do they? Every great product depends on a system.

Without a system in place, an information product can go round and round the mulberry bush, driving you—and your clients absolutely bonkers

First let’s consider your situation. You sit there faced with this huge amount of information. All the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years, piles up in your head. And it’s normal to feel that you somehow need to get all that into your info-product.

Then you spin around madly trying to fashion it somehow into a polished product. You’re not sure which parts to keep, which parts to slash. And so you either front-load the product with too much, or put in too little.

And we haven’t reached the second part yet—the part where the client needs to read all that mountain of information.

Heh, heh, no wonder it feels so ugh to put an info-product together.

Yet, you could sidestep this nutty spin-cycle completely, by using a tried and tested system…

The system doesn’t have to be very complex either. All you really need to know are two elements:

1) What makes an info-product boring.
2) What makes an info-product interesting.

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