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Lightbulb Rich Peterson - Build A Job Board Website
Posted by: TvBB - 06-10-2018, 12:04 AM - Forum: SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Traffic Generation and WordPress - No Replies

Rich Peterson - Build A Job Board Website

[Image: ext.jpg]

Using WordPress, you’ll have your own job board website (like Monster or Indeed) up and running in an afternoon.

Do you have a great idea for a niche job board website but have no idea where to start? Tired of trying to use expensive hosted software or not technical enough to custom code a solution?

In this beginners course, I’ll run you through the basics of setting up a job board website using WordPress.

We’ll look at:
Choosing a business name
Registering a website name
Setting up hosting
Installing WordPress
Uploading a custom theme
Customising the basic settings
This course, along with the support you’ll receive from your hosting provider and the theme seller, will provide exactly what you need to start your job board site today and start earning money through paid listings, ads and sponsorships. I welcome your feedback and look forward to helping you turn your idea into a beautiful, functioning niche job board website!

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Lightbulb The Secret to Getting Job Interviews
Posted by: TvBB - 06-10-2018, 12:03 AM - Forum: Hypnosis, NLP, Achievement and Mindset - No Replies

The Secret to Getting Job Interviews

[Image: b35acd_c02980b0b96743d995a21f69d45cabda_mv2.png]

Learn how to land your dream job interviews by leveraging on the power of your networks.

Many talented people lose out on job opportunities due to poor career skills, and the biggest challenge for them is networking. This course is a step-by-step approach on how to improve your networking skills.

If you are tired of submitting resume after resume to online job portals and not getting the job interviews you want, then this course is for you.

Why Networking is crucial:

It is the secret to unlocking the hidden job market where 80% of all jobs are
It is the most effective way to by-pass the online job portal process for a job
It is the best way to practice your interview skills
By the end of the course you should be able to:

Define what networking is
Explain its importance in the practical world
Execute the five steps of effective networking
This course is taught using the same active learning method used in 5stepCareers’ flagship bootcamps that have received an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. The entire course is broken down into 5 easy-to-follow steps, each of them 10 minutes or less, suited to the average adult attention span. There will be quizzes to reinforce your learning by forcing you to recall the information you just learned and application exercises so that you can put your learning into practice. Carefully selected resources are also provided to further augment your learning. The five steps in this course are:

Developing a target list
The approach e-mail
Informational Interview
The follow-up

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Lightbulb Advanced Guide to Finding Deals on Amazon
Posted by: TvBB - 06-10-2018, 12:03 AM - Forum: CPA, PLR - No Replies

  Advanced Guide to Finding Deals on Amazon

[Image: OhEh.jpg]

In this course, I offer tools and skills to find the best deals on Amazon. You’ll learn how to track prices of the products you use, so you can get the best deal possible. You’ll gain a better understanding of Warehouse Deals and even learn how to order add-on items from Amazon. Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll be able to set up alerts for the products you use on a daily basis, so you can be notified when they are on sale. When the prices are low, you’ll be able to purchase them at a lower cost than normal. This course is the most advanced guide to finding deals on Amazon that has been created by me to date.

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Lightbulb Earn Money Risk-Free by Reselling Shoes
Posted by: TvBB - 06-10-2018, 12:02 AM - Forum: Small Business, Entrepreneurs - No Replies

Earn Money Risk-Free by Reselling Shoes

[Image: OhEY.jpg]

This course is a guide on how to get involved in the reselling of high-end, limited shoe market to make money
This course offers insights on how and who to follow on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest shoe information, the various ways in which you can try and win a shoe, and how to sell a shoe securely

This course guides you through the entire process from start (getting familiar with Twitter and who to follow) to finish (ways to sell a shoe)
This course should take no more than an hour to complete but then it is up to the student to apply the principles in full. The market place is constantly changing with more shoe companies releasing updated apps for smartphones.
Students who want to earn a little extra money essentially risk free, have a smart phone, a credit card, and a computer should take this course.

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Lightbulb Wendi Friesen Massive Hypnosis Collections
Posted by: TvBB - 06-10-2018, 12:02 AM - Forum: Hypnosis, NLP, Achievement and Mindset - No Replies

Wendi Friesen Massive Hypnosis Collections

[Image: OhES.jpg]

The collection contains:
Brain Massage - Manifest Everything
Confidence Power Pack
Fun and Fabulous!
Karma of Kindness
Lucky you. Become the luckiest person you know!
Memory Magic
No Fear - Phobia and Fear Release
Pain Release
Power Naps Essential
Remote Seduction
Sleep Deep Hypnosis
Stay Hard - A Solution for Premature Ejaculation
Ultimate Confidence
Weight Release
Power Posture

Brain Massage - Manifest Everything
Duration: 15m 56s

Brain Massage Hypnotic session
Manifest Everything!
A unique experience for your brain. This CD will be sent to you.
Most people who listen to my 3D double voice inductions, tell me that they feel like their brain is being massaged. The voices seem to swirl and move in a way that is very deeply relaxing, but at the same time energizing.
I have to agree. The feeling of these voices moving around inside my head feels like a massage. Maybe it is the combination of vibrations, binaural beats and the variance of the pitch of the voice.
Whatever it is, I am sure you will like it as well… some people even tell me that it feels so good that they crave it. Start your morning with this, or take an afternoon break.
Manifest Everything- this is not your usual manifesting session. This creates a deeply altered state where you will focus on what you want to create. It could be simple, like eating more veggies, or loving to exercise, or it could be grand and wonderful, like attracting a business breakthrough or landing a big new job, or even manifesting a new house or car.
Here is the great part. The second voice implants suggestions about being worthy of wealth, being loved, creating excellent health, and feeling a core worthiness that makes you attract your desired outcome without sabotaging it due to unworthiness.
Use this every day. It is an experience you will come back to again and again!
Confidence Power Pack
Duration: 3h 44m 33s

Our all new Confidence Power Pack.
This package has some very intriguing and life changing hypnosis sessions that will help you stop being shy and uncomfortable and begin to feel that you can light up a room, be spontaneous and interesting. Everything you do in your life will be better if you are confident.
12 sessions on these 4 CDs. If purchased individually this package would cost $223.
Deep Trance Training
A Session that will help your brain learn to go into deep trance states easi-ly and quickly
Core Confidence
You will blast through your fears, discover your worthiness, and feel confi-dent in any situation
Parallel World
Meet the person you would be if you were raised by the best parent, in the best schools, with the people who were supportive and inspiring. All your qualities and talents are allowed to be fully realized on this alternate world. This one changed my life.
What to Say When You Talk to Yourself
Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We put ourselves down, compare our-selves to others, reinforce our failures and beat ourselves up. I say it is time to be nicer to numero uno, your sweet little self.
Circle of Excellence
What you think, you become. You will teach your brain to experience your con-fident state as real, and then anchor this state. All of your best qualities will be amplified in this circle, then you will experience yourself in the situation where you want greater confidence. You can use this for just about any situation where you will need increased confidence.
Bullet Proof
A unique double induction that will put you into a deep trance and then cre-ate the power to stand up to those who try to manipulate you. You will intui-tively detect a manipulator and remain focused and unaffected. Stop those who try to intimidate you by having a strong presence! The double induction in-cludes voice layers and a unique left and right brain segment.
The Power Experience
Experience the world from the perspective of the most powerful person you know. Find out what it feels like to be one of the most important people in the world. Be comfortable with your tremendous sense of power.
Notice the drive and purpose that you have that comes with this ultimate pow-er. Absorb it into your own world if it feels right for you. It was in you all the time.
Life of the Party
Have you ever wished you could be funnier, quick witted, and the life of the party?
Learn to let go and allow your true inner-magnetism to shine through. Being able to shine in social situations can be good for business, good for finding a mate, and putting others at ease. Let your sense of humor come out and make you a happier person.
Become irresistible and confident and spontaneous. You will notice that other people just love to be around you. Your magnetism and charisma will get bet-ter every time you listen to this one!
Power Posture
Create the Posture of Confidence
Good Posture is not only good for your health, it is also tells how people respond to you. This CD will first help you to create your ideal posture. You will learn to unconsciously use your posture to project confidence and power.
Bonus- these four excellent hypnosis sessions on two CDs are yours free!
Anger Into Power
When you get angry and lost your temper you give up your clear headed think-ing. You become flustered and emotional and lack control.
This CD session will help you shift from anger to power. You will be more fo-cused, and you will be able to channel this energy effectively. Not only is a state of anger debilitating, but holding onto anger is also very unhealthy. This CD can help you channel your anger into patience and power. Harness the energy that you normally feel as anger and use it to be more effective. You will be amazed by the difference.
Got Guts?
If you had the guts to do anything, what you would do?
If fear, or logic, or rational thinking could be thrown out the window, what would you want to try? A new job, skydiving, a new sexual position, a radical life change?
Get ready for the adventure in your mind. Safely explore your adventurous na-ture and the desires that you have that have been waiting to be unleashed.
What will you do? Each time you experience this CD session you will choose a different doorway that will take you on a new adventure and, if all goes well, set your spirit free. Yea!
Fearless Cold Calling
What if you actually enjoyed cold calling? Imagine not only loving to cold call, but being great at it. Once you listen to this CD you will not be able to even think about how painful it was before. Isn’t it about time to get more appointments and make more money?
Fearless Cold Calling: Love to cold call and knock on doors! Get excited about new prospects. You will become an enthusiastic expert at cold calls! Imagine having an excitement and joy for calling new prospects.
Cold Call Genius State: Absorb the skills of someone you know who is an ex-pert at cold calls. Develop the inner attitude that they have mastered to move you forward in your career. It is like putting yourself inside their mind and learning from a heightened state. Your mind will instinctively learn and adapt these qualities.
Instant Focus and Drive: Put yourself in a power state of focus in just one minute. Imagine having a trigger that makes you calm and focused.
Mover and Shaker
Have you ever watched a person who is influential and wondered how they have so much energy? They have a positive attitude, boundless energy, communicate in a way that gets to the point and they are effective in many areas. They get noticed! You can too.
Become a mover and shaker and shake up your world. While in hypnosis you will install these traits into your daily life and they will happen naturally and easily.
EyeSight Excellence
Duration: 3h 50m 45s

Vision improvement is experienced in many ways. Your belief about your eye-sight, the stress levels in your life, the physical condition of your eyes, and the emotional aspects all contribute to eyesight becoming worse or im-proving.
Using hypnotherapy methods your eyesight may improve. This improvement hap-pens by approaching it from many aspects. The emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual conditions all can contribute to improvement by creating the highest state of physical health, doing eye exercises, resolving emotional conflicts, creating a mental belief that you can restore good sight, and re-leasing any energetic conflicts.
As you listen to the CDs you may begin to notice sudden improvement, or you may notice a gradual change including the change in color perception, detail, ability to focus and adapt to contrast and light. Use the program daily, es-pecially at night as your are falling asleep and allow your brain to create clearer, sharper vision.
This program has a one year money back guarantee.
This CD set will lead you through eight hypnosis sessions that will take you on a journey to the internal workings of your eyes, the process of interpret-ing signals by the brain, the emotional and mental aspects of vision, create a belief that your eyesight is getting better, and improve color and clarity by affecting the way the brain interprets vision.
Disc 1
1 intro
2 Pre-induction
3 Cellular Communication
4 Pre-induction
5 Direct Suggestion
Disc 2
1 Pre-induction
2 Brain Blueprint
3 Release Negative programming
4 Direct Suggestion
Disc 3
1 Eagle Eye Vision
2 Pre-induction
3 Direct Suggestion
Disc 4
1 Morning Meditation
2 Eye Exercise
3 Sleep Healing
Day One - Disc One
Introduction- morning or daytime Eye Exercises- one time today.
Pre-Induction Use this before your session. The pre-induction will help you get into trance, and is especially helpful if you have not done any self hyp-nosis or meditation before this. The pre-induction is also helpful if you are feeling stressed or need a longer, deeper relaxation before going into trance.
Cellular Communication - Use this session to establish a mind body connection that creates the foundation for the work you will be doing to improve your vision. You can listen to this one time today, or two times.

Direct Suggestion - Listen to this as you are falling asleep tonight and eve-ry night during the program.
Day Two - Disc One
Eye Exercises - one time today.
Pre-induction - Listen to this session before your eye health session.
Eye Health - listen to this to correct imbalances and create the best state of health for your vision.
Direct Suggestion - Listen to this as you are falling asleep tonight and eve-ry night during the program.
Day Three - Disc Two
Eye Exercises- one time today.
Pre-induction - Use this to achieve deeper trance, or if you feel you are getting conditioned to relax quickly you can skip the pre-induction and to right into todayi’s session.
Blueprint - Listen to this and let your brain find the blueprint for the healthiest state of vision. Your mind will be asked to bring this blueprint to the present and apply it to the vision process.
Direct Suggestion- Listen to this as you are falling asleep tonight and every night during the program.
Day Four - Disc Two
Eye Exercises- one time today.
Pre-induction, if needed. If you are already feeling relaxed, move directly to the session.
Release Negative Energy- Find the negative aspects that may contribute to bad vision. Release the emotional stresses that impair vision, release the be-liefs that you hold on a mental level, release the physical limitations to change, release the energetic (or spiritual) aspects of sight and the way this is manifested in your life.
Direct Suggestion- Listen to this as you are falling asleep tonight and every night during the program.
Day Five - Disc 3
Eye Exercises - one time today.
Eagle Vision- Morning- listen to this session upon awakening in the morning. No pre-induction it needed.
Eagle Vision- Night i?? listen to this before sleep, then let the CD go di-rectly into the pre induction and the direct suggestion.
Day Six - Disc 4
Eye Exercise- Morning. Eye Exercise- Evening
Morning Meditation this Morning- Wake up to this, and allow your mind to make a decision to see clearly and focus well for today. You should notice quite an improvement in your vision today!
Sleep Healing as you are going to sleep tonight. Apply the healing to your eyesight, and also to your entire body.
Day Seven- disc 4 and disc 1
Eye Exercise Morning. Eye Exercise- Evening
Cellular Communication- Nighttime before sleep.
Day Eight- Disc 4 and disc 1
Eye Exercise- Morning. Eye Exercise- Evening
Eye Health- Nighttime before sleep
Day Nine
Eye Exercise- Morning Eye Exercise- Evening
Blueprint- Nighttime before sleep. Direct Suggestion while falling asleep.
Day Ten
Eye Exercise- Morning. Eye Exercise- Evening
Eagle Eye Vision before sleep Direct suggestion as you are falling asleep
Day Eleven
Eye Exercise- Morning Eye Exercise- Evening
Blueprint- before sleep
Day Twelve
Eye Exercise- Morning. Eye Exercise- Evening
Release Negative Energy- before sleep Direct suggestion as you are falling asleep.
Day Thirteen
Eye Exercise- Morning. Eye Exercise- Evening
Eye Health- at night Direct suggestion as you are falling asleep.
Day Fourteen and onward Eye exercises at least ONE TIME during the day.
CHOOSE ONE to listen to each night- Cellular communication, Eye health, Eagle Eye, Blueprint, Release Negative Energy.
Wake up to your Morning Meditation or the Eagle vision each morning.
Listen to Direct suggestion each night as you are falling asleep.
Fun and Fabulous!
Duration: 1h 26m 59s

Nervous around new people? Do you wish you could strike up a conversation with new people and be spontaneous? Well, you will. Become funny and inter-esting, using your excellent sense of humor to dazzle your new friends. What, you don’t have new friends? Make contact! Instantly feel comfortable striking up conversations with new people, in the coffee shop, in the gym, on the street. And then if you think that you new friend is really hot, you will use your newfound Big Flirt skills to have some real fun.
1 Life of the Party
2 Connection - love to connect with new people
3 Big Flirt
Karma of Kindness
Duration: 24m 13s

Take a deep breath, feel the love!
This CD will use hypnosis to help you see the good in others, feel the love and connection of another person through understanding their thoughts and mo-tivations. You will learn to release judgment and be kind in your thoughts and attitudes.
If you were a negative thinker you will be able to stop seeing the bad in others and choose to see the good in others.
This is a wonderful experience for us all! You will naturally and gently change your thoughts about others. Our customers tell us that this creates a huge change in their lives and in their relationships.
Lucky You: Become the luckiest person you know!
Duration: 27m 24s

Can you create your own luck? We believe that you can create great luck if you have clear expectations and are looking for a positive outcome. If you are always struggling with bad luck, you might start with your focus and your inner expectations. For most people, this has created a feeling of having good luck. They report that their luck changes right away.
There are advantages to being aligned and having clear expectations. The re-sults so far have been nothing short of amazing. Some people experience small miracle and lucky events. Others find that they have changed their luck in a dramatic way. Your expectation is one of the most valuable tools in creating good luck. BUT is there more to the equation? If you want to create good luck, do you need to go to your core issues and find out what you really be-lieve about luck and opportunity?
This is a great way to start and to find out what your brain is up to. Change your luck? Perhaps. Change your perception? Could be. Change your expecta-tion? No doubt. Create miracles? Quite possibly.
Memory Magic 4 CD set (incomplete)
Duration: 1h 07m 39s

Disk 1
Instant Deep Trance Training
Condition your body to go into trance deeply and quickly Intro-Names - A great technique to remember names, and recall them when you see a person you know
Remember Names (absent)
Just squeeze your ear, and discover how to recall names anytime, anywhere
Borrowed Genius
Put yourself in the mind of a genius and find new creative resources to solve a problem, or find a creative solution. You will discover how to integrate these higher level abilities in your own mind. This is inspired by Win Wenger, the author of the Einstein factor. Buy the book, it is fabulous.
Disk 2
Test Taking Introduction (absent)
Test anxiety will be a thing of the past. Relax, and let the answers come to you easily.
Test Confidence (absent)
You will be relaxed and ready for your next test with instant recall of in-formation. A powerful anchor will be created that will help you relax and have the answers at the tip of your pencil.
Disk 3
Mind Like a Steel Trap
Create a powerful state of retention and remember what you learn.
Focus, Clarity, and Concentration (absent)
Put yourself in a powerful state of focus, where you can stay involved in what you are studying. Absorb it, remember it, and make it clear and under-standable
Disk 4
Mind Machine Intro (absent)
Become a spelling and math machine
Mind Machine (absent)
Create an imaginary machine in your subconscious mind to perform a mental function, like math or spelling or computing complex information. This one is amazing. You can create many mind machines for several mental functions and connect them to share information.
No Fear
Duration: 29m 45s

Release phobias and other fears that interfere with your life.
Imagine a life free of irrational fear. What would you would do without fears, doubts and limitations? Free yourself from phobias and panic attacks. You can live free, breathing easily through every situation. We have had in-credible results with this very simple process.
Track One: Can’t Hurt You
Track Two: Glass Wall
Track Three: Conditioning
Pain Release (incomplete)
Duration: 50m 32s

3 Sessions on 1 CD
Hypnosis is one of the most effective methods to release and eliminate pain.
This CD is probably one of the best that there is. Your mind will go into a deep healing trance, creating powerful cellular communication that will change the way your brain perceives pain.
Before there was anesthesia, Doctors discovered that hypnosis could be used as anesthesia and they could perform surgery with only hypnosis. The patient feels no pain and recovers faster. Hypnosis has been used to relieve chronic pain for years.
1 Release and resolve pain issues (absent)
2 Future Time line Healing
3 Surgery Preparation
One of my clients had been to a pain clinic for years, had morphine every day and nothing helped his pain.
I did three sessions with him to heal the injury and release the pain messag-es from the brain. His pain was gone, and even a year later he called to let me know that it was still gone.
This method will resolve the emotional pain, create a healing condition in the body, and release the pain.
Power Naps Essential
Duration: 1h 29m 43s

This is a powerful way to refresh and energize your mind and body in only a few minutes.
Experience the best night’s sleep you have ever had in a matter of minutes.
Feel the restorative powers of a deep night’s sleep with an easy 20 minute power nap based on deep trance, time distortion and binaural beats.
Teach your brain to get the effect of restful sleep in a 10 minute power nap.
Take a 5 minute power nap that provides you with the restorative power of a getting a deep restful sleep.
This CD uses the combination of binaural beats, hypnosis, anchoring and con-ditioning to take you into the alpha/theta state. Your brain will take the rest it needs.
You will emerge feeling wide awake, energized, clear headed and creative.
This promises to be one of your most valuable tools in your life toolkit.
CD 1
Track One: Power Nap Introduction
How it works, what you will feel.
Track Two: Twenty Minute Deep Sleep
Using time distortion and deep trance with binaural beats, your brain and body will be asked to experience the depth of theta sleep to get deeply re-freshed.
Track Three: Ten Minute Power Nap
Using the conditioning from the 20 minute Deep Sleep, your brain will con-dense the energizing sleep into ten minutes.
Track Four: Five Minute Cat Nap
Fast, powerful and easy. Anytime, anywhere, take a quick nap. Emerge feeling very energized, highly creative, resourceful and ready to go!
CD 2
Track One: Ultimate Stress Relief
This is a powerful session to release anxiety, worry, lower blood pressure, and stop the effects of stress. 20 minutes of this will make you Teflon- stress just slides off you! Nothing bothers you.
Track Two: Sleep Deep Healing States
Just before you go to sleep at night, use this session to initiate healing of physical conditions, program your brain to speed up healing, or stop a cold or flu, or enhance the immune function. You can target a specific condition or imbalance in your body, and then give your brain the instructions to begin healing as you sleep. The quality of your sleep will improve and you may just feel a lot better when you awaken in the morning.
Power Posture
Duration: 30m 23s

Create the Posture of Influence
Good Posture is not only good for your health, it is also affects how people respond to you. This CD will first help you to create your ideal posture. This will create alignment and lead you to feel more confident in your life. Next you will learn to unconsciously use your posture to project power and influence. You will find that you will feel more influential and have a new sense of mental toughness.
You may find that you have more energy and a better attitude from simply ad-justing your posture. The hypnosis process will create unconscious triggers to continue to remind you to stand up straight.
Remote Seduction
Duration: 39m 00s

Remote Psychic Seduction
This is an intriguing concept. Can you create a connection across the room or across the country with only thought and desire? Some think you can. Many people, who have used this, tell me they get almost instant results. Some say they get a phone call from a woman they haven’t heard from in years. Others say they create a magnetic connection with a person in a bar. Like a magnet that person comes to them.
I have used this method to pull people toward me, in airports, at conven-tions, and even from miles away. This program will convince you that thoughts are things! Explore a wonderful and intriguing method of creating desire and appeal in your partner, or in a stranger you would like to meet. This method will give you an unconscious link with another person that will make them feel loved, wanted, and desired. Even if you have never met, you may notice that the recipient of your affection has a deeper interest in you, and feels very connected to you!
This is a fascinating phenomenon that will open your mind to new adventure!
The first session will teach you to create the ball of energy that contains all the thoughts, feelings and connection. The next session will take you in-to the psychic connection with the person of your desire. The energy will wrap around and permeate the thoughts and feelings of your friend. (or future friend) You will be asked to allow this connection to be created in a way that is for the best and highest good of both. In other words, you will have to use your new powers only for good.
Sleep Deep Hypnosis
Duration: 1h 47m 29s

Finally, and end to insomnia
Hypnosis is probably the most effective way to help you brain learn to go to sleep.
These hypnosis sessions will help you stay asleep and sleep deeper. You will awaken in the morning feeling good, energized and happy.
You owe it to yourself to find out how good it feels to KNOW that you will fall asleep easily when you go to bed.
No more worry, no more anxiety. Just deep, peaceful sleep.
5 tracks on 2 CDs. One to teach your mind to go into trance quickly, another to tell your mind to stay asleep at night, another to find and release an un-derlying cause for insomnia.
You will also enjoy the track to lull you to sleep, and keep you asleep.
Enjoy the morning meditation that will help you to awakened slowly, feeling energy rising within you and start your day on the most positive and healthy note.
If you have insomnia, this will be the best decision you ever made!
You have my word!
2 CDs, 5 sessions
Stay Hard - A Solution for Premature Ejaculation
Duration: 1h 12m 19s

All NEW program on CD for a solution for premature ejaculation.
FIVE sessions on 2 CDs that will create a deep trance, set an anchor in your subconscious mind, release old fears and negative programming, give you total control, and lock in the changes with the body hologram.
Premature Ejaculation is a complex problem. This new program uses several different processes to teach the brain and body to last as long as you want.
The best part is- IT WORKS! Read what happened for Alex….
I just recently bought your premature ejaculation tape, having always be-lieved that hypnosis works but never having experienced it, and after three days of listening to them, a very significant change was noticed.
Before the tapes, two minutes. After listening to the tapes for an hour and a half, I am very happy, and infinitely more confident
Thank you,
You may have seen Wendi’s programs in GQ and Men’s health, salon.com, the Man Show and many more! She was interviewed by the Washington Post. Find out why they interviewed her about her methods of using hypnosis to cure sexual dys-function.
Ultimate Confidence - 2CD Set
Duration: 1h 26m 35s

Confidence means power, sexiness, and greater success in everything.
This program might just change your life. If you are timid, shy, or just need more confidence and want to feel more spontaneous, you will love this! Unique methods of finding core confidence will change your life forever. Learn more at the link below.
Core Confidence
You will blast through your fears, discover your worthiness, and feel confi-dent in any situation.
Parallel World
Meet the person you would be if you were raised by the best parents in the best schools, with the people who were supportive and inspiring. All your qualities and talents are allowed to be fully realized on this alternate world. This one changed my life.
Deep Trance Training
A session that will help you brain learn to go into deep trance states easily and quickly.
Circle of Excellence
What you think, you become. You will teach your brain to experience your con-fident state as real, then anchor this state. All of your best qualities will be amplified in this circle, then you will experience yourself in the situa-tion where you want greater confidence. You can use this for just about any situation where you will need increased confidence.
Become irresistible and confident and spontaneous. You will notice that other people just love to be around you. Your magnetism and charisma will get bet-ter every time you listen to this one!
Weight Release 4CD Set
Duration: 3h 14m 31s

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Lightbulb Abandon The 9-5 Mindset - Become an Entrepreneur
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Abandon The 9-5 Mindset - Become an Entrepreneur

[Image: OhET.jpg]

Have an understanding of ways they can start working for themself
Learn concepts of productivity and goal setting
Learn ways to make sacrifices for saving time
Start thinking more like an entrepreneur and less like an employee
View Curriculum
Several concepts of business ideas are shared within the course
Evernote, Nozbe and other productivity software is useful
Have an open mind about taking on a venture for yourself!
*Updated October 2016*

Are you unhappy with your job? Have you ever dreamed of becoming your own Boss?

Do you come home every day wishing there was more to life than just working a 9-5 job?

In this course I walk you through the mindset changes you will need to make to become an entrepreneur.

I then show you what you can do outside of your job to start living like an entrepreneur.

How I structured this course

First I walk you through my own personal story for becoming an entrepreneur
Next you are shown how to stop thinking like most people who work normal 9-5 jobs
I provide several ideas on how you can start building a business outside of your 9-5 job such as blogging, affiliate marketing, teaching with courses, podcasting, freelancing and more.
I share with you my productivity tools and how I use them daily
I go in-depth into why you need to make sacrifices and have self discipline to succeed with entrepreneurship
Finally I provide several recommendations for books that will get you motivated to do more with your life and stop living like most people do.
Why you should take this course

If you have been unhappy with your life, your job, or even your financial situation this is the course for you.

You will learn a lot about the mindset changes you need to make in order to see positive change in your lifestyle with this course.

Who is the target audience?
People that are interested in working for themselves should take this course!
People who are comfortable working a 9-5 job and are not willing to do what it takes to break out of their job should not take this course.

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Lightbulb Michael Blank - The Ultimate Guide to Buying Apartment Buildings with Private Money
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Michael Blank - The Ultimate Guide to Buying Apartment Buildings with Private Money 
Price: 1997$
GB Price: 40$ (Save 1957$).

[Image: ultimateapartmentinvestingguide.jpg]

GB Code: MBUA0240

Interested Peoples can contact tvbbvip@gmail.com with "GB Code".

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Bug Productivity Systems For Social Media Managers
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Productivity Systems For Social Media Managers

[Image: OBfU.jpg]

Come with me on a journey to Productivity Hacks for social media management. Start saving hours on your marketing efforts.

Did you know that we waste 6hours and 48min weekly on social media management ? We do this because we don’t have the RIGHT tools, systems or processes in place.

This course will help you become more productive and efficient on social media marketing activities. You will be able to create, curate, schedule and post content in matter of minutes.

This is what you will learn in this course

Understand the time spent on social media management and importance of productivity
Productivity hacks for social media content creation, curation and scheduling
Over 20 tools that I have tested and use on daily basis
How to create a social media report in minutes
Crazy social media automation tools to save you hours of time
My social media management system as a template
By using the same tools and systems, I have created a social media marketing agency and we have worked with 100+ clients. I will show you the exact tools and processes that I have tested and mastered.

If you use social media channels for personal or business use, this is the course for you. This course also comes with a 30day money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose.

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Bug Unleash Your Creative Mind
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Unleash Your Creative Mind

[Image: download_1.jpg]

What Will I Learn?
You will learn how to be a creative problem solver
You’ll learn how use creativity in ways you never thought possible!
You’ll learn ways in which you can drastically improve your professional and personal life through the medium of creativity
View Curriculum
There are no prerequisites for taking the course, only that you have a desire to unleash your creative mind!
“Our Mind Is Like A Parachute And It Works The Best When Its Open” This Is Our BELIEF and Our ONLY Prerequisite from our beloved students
Fully Accredited Diploma

This course is fully accredited by a globally recognized CPD body, the Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency.

Taking this course will give you the opportunity to gain a diploma signifying formal certification for 10 hours of CPD credit.

Please note, accreditation is optional. It is by no means compulsory, or a prerequisite for taking the course. Degree requirements vary based on the position you pursue and the area in which you reside or work. Should you wish to opt for accreditation and the diploma, full details and directions will be given at the end of the course.

I am sure you have heard it once if not many a times that CREATIVITY - Worth Its Weight in Gold..

Being creative is a very desirable trait in modern society. Before the modern information age creativity was not something the average person really needed in order to be a productive member of society. In the 19th and most of the 20th century all or most people needed was the ability to follow instructions well. Being creative was reserved for a small educated elite and artists of various types. Today things are very different. Thanks to automation those un-creative and monotonous jobs are being taken over by machines. We’re in the knowledge economy now and even low-level jobs need a component of creativity.

But, at the same time… In today’s world it is absolutely impossible to become successful without inculcating creativity in your profession, whether it is setting up a small business. opening a HR or design agency, creating a new entertainment park for children or adults or for that matter opening an online shop. All these requires a lot of creativity, no less than painting a mural, creating a new sculpture or working on a series of photos.

I know you might be thinking, I am not a creative person. How will I become creative?? Well! that is what YOU are going to learn in this course. Myself and my fellow instructor Libby, have spent a great deal of time building this course.

This course is an INTERACTIVE course, having said that… YOU will do many exercises throughout the course lectures and each exercise is designed to open up your CREATIVE MIND

This course is NOT an easy fix, it is an ongoing process of learning and creating… And if you are not willing to invest time on yourself to create an AMAZING YOU… then this course is not for you.

So, be prepared to Unleash YOUR Creative Mind!!

Who is the target audience?
This course is for you if you wish to gain a fully accredited diploma and 10 hours of CPD Credit
This course is for you if you want to get ahead in your professional and personal life by unleashing creativity you never knew you had!
This course is for you if you wish to breakthrough obstacles and barriers you’re facing in your life

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Bug Sound of Truth by Julie Renee
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Sound of Truth by Julie Renee

[Image: download.jpg]

If the ancient sounds of mantra yoga and Sanskrit are calling to you, here is the program that is sure to bring you hours of reverie and divine connection.

The Sound of Truth is a collection of 15 Mantras, rare and extraordinary, taking you into an ancient place of spiritual connection and transformation to enlightenment.

Healing Illness
Connecting to the Divine
Drawing in Your Soul Mate
Clearing Debts
Manifesting Immediate Income
Removing Obstacles
Tuning into Love and Bliss
Burning off Karma
Transformation and Enlightenment
Connecting with the Primordial Sound

The sound of truth offers the path of movement through the ancient practice of repeating word that are set at the vibration of what they are. English is 12 % true it is a language of description Sanskrit is the language of truth as each syllable forms the essence of what you are saying giving great poetry to the properly pronounced words and mantras.

This are beautiful and blissful, you will feel connect to both your higher self and to the Divine as you incorporate these into your daily life.
The Essence and Power of the Mantra

This Mantra invokes the aspect of Creator/ Destroyer, God/ Goddess attributed to Lord Shiva. It is known to create and restore health as it destroys the unwanted illness.

When to use this Mantra

The mantra restores health and personal power and is a great mantra to say on a daily or weekly basis. A good time to use this is when you need a big force for change as this is a powerful mantra activating the Quantum field. The tradition is to use a strand of 108 rudraksha beads and to repeat this mantra 108 times. It’s takes a good long while so the common use is repeat 10 times with an open heart.

Literal Translation

Oh three-eyed Lord Shiva bless me with health and immortality. Sever me from the clutches of Death~ even as a cucumber is severed from it’s creeper.


While I was living in India Guruji had many guests visiting his home. A happy devotee came to thank him for this Mantra. The guest had been told more than once a decade ago that he had terminal Cancer of the spleen and kidney. He had lovingly prepared a copper chalice filled with water each morning and chanted the Tryumbicum Mantra for 3 hours in his home meditation chapel. At the end of his chanting he drank the blessed water filled with the energy and vibration of the mantra. Lord Shiva’s energy in both great destroyers (of illness and other challenges) and creator in this case of new cells vibrating in good health. It was the first Mantras Guruji taught me- he insisted I write it phonetically as I would need this Mantra in my notes as teacher- and as a healing balm for ills I would experience and to help those who I would lead mentor and serve.

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