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Bug Learn How to Invest for Huge Profits or Make it Big Trading
Posted by: TvBB - 26-10-2018, 04:34 AM - Forum: Investing, Trading, Stocks, Economics and Finance - No Replies

Learn How to Invest for Huge Profits or Make it Big Trading

[Image: O8HL.jpg]

Become a savvy investor. Know when is the right time to buy or sell in any market, and make money while reducing risks
Learn how to use simple and sophisticated professional trading techniques and strategies so you can invest profitably in the right markets, at the right time, with the least risk.
Discover how to create and test your personalized trading system which complements your personality style and investment objectives.
See the relationship between volume, velocity and trend
Master trade entry and exit
Learn short term and sentiment indicators
Develop disciplined risk management
Read candlesticks charts to improve timing
Use professional tools: Moving Averages, Support and Resistance, and Elliott waves
Profit from economic information and monetary indicators
The power to analyze and act in any market at anytime
Empower yourself to select and screen markets and time your profit taking. Learn how to cover and control losses to succeed in the short-term and long-term. Discover how a professional trader thinks and how you can adopt this mindset.
Gain confidence and competence in making efficient and effective financial decisions. Stop feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by economic news and pundits predictions. Use technical trading to clearly separate the noise from the signal, so you can get in and out profitably.
Content and Overview
Any investor looking to learn how to choose the right securities and to enter the market at the right time will find this course informative and easy to learn. There are 37 lectures and over 5.5 hours of content. Using real world examples drawn from multiple markets, as well as my 25 plus years on Wall Street, you will learn how to choose an appropriate market, the best way to read financial charts, and what tools professionals use to consistently maximize profits and minimize losses.

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug Laracasts - How to Accept Payments
Posted by: TvBB - 26-10-2018, 04:33 AM - Forum: Small Business, Entrepreneurs - No Replies

Laracasts - How to Accept Payments

[Image: O8HP.png]

No longer do we require brick and mortar shops to sell our products. Have you written a book? Great! You can set up a webpage to sell it in a matter of minutes. It’s that easy at this point, as long as you have a touch of programming knowledge. In this series, we’ll review the ins and outs of accepting payments and subscriptions through Stripe.

01 Stripe Checkout 15:16
02 Custom Checkout 6:23
03 Integrating Vue 2 10:07
04 Dynamically Populating the Checkout Modal 8:26
05 Recurring Subscriptions 10:16
06 Handling Failed Charges 5:54
07 Recording the Stripe Customer 12:11
08 Refactoring Strategies 10:51
09 Events and Webhooks 12:09
10 Cleaner Webhook Management 8:51
11 Testing Stripe Webhooks 6:42
12 Testing Against Stripe’s API 14:32
13 A Billable Trait 3:25
14 Record All Stripe Charges 10:56
15 Cancel Subscriptions With Tests 13:17
16 Apply Coupon Codes 9:51
17 Testing for Grace Periods 8:47
18 Resuming Subscriptions 13:40
19 Clarity and Rendering Subscription-Only Content 8:45
20 How to Reduce Conditionals in Your Views 5:36

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Lightbulb Derrick Struggle - Amazon FBA Heroes
Posted by: TvBB - 21-10-2018, 05:41 AM - Forum: Group Buy - Save 98% of Original Product Cost [We since 2013] - No Replies

Derrick Struggle - Amazon FBA Heroes 
Price: 997$
GB Price: 20$ (Save 977$).

[Image: fbaheroes-p-fbaheroes.jpg]
[Image: sso-teachable-secure-165578-checkout-754...heroes.jpg]

GB Code: DAFH0242

Interested Peoples can contact tvbbvip@gmail.com with "GB Code".

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Bug Affiliate Marketing Hacks - Smarter Campaigns
Posted by: TvBB - 10-10-2018, 06:25 AM - Forum: Sale & Marketing, Internet Marketing - No Replies

Affiliate Marketing Hacks - Smarter Campaigns

[Image: OFK3.png]

If you are an affiliate marketer or an online entrepreneur or business owner and want to create affiliate marketing campaigns that work, then this is the right place for you to be today!

Using these simple yet powerful hacks and tweaks will help you build affiliate marketing campaigns that get ready faster, convert higher, and build you instant likeability and authority with your target audience fast!

Why join this course?

During the past 5 years I’ve been working online as an online entrepreneur and one of my main income streams for all these years was and still is: affiliate marketing!

I’ve made every newbie mistake you can think of, and I learned the hard way and today I am sharing with you my set of hacks that will make your life as an affiliate marketer much much easier!

these hacks cover almost everything from using smart retargeting like the super affiliates do, to the simple yet powerful way to create a freebie to build your email list and create bonuses that add more value to what you’re promoting!

at this time I am helping over 17000 students on Udemy alone and more than half of them are affiliate marketers and my short and to the point courses have helped hundreds of affiliates get their first commission and even their 100th commission!

and also as a mentor it is my duty to empower you not only with information but also with all the tools you need to make things happen and a full action plan to get stuff done!

that’s why I am including free lifetime access to the 2 software tools I mention in the course for you as my student (tools alone are worth $397) (you get the tools in 1:3 business days after finishing the course)

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug Simple Tips For Facebook Marketing
Posted by: TvBB - 10-10-2018, 06:25 AM - Forum: Sale & Marketing, Internet Marketing - No Replies

Simple Tips For Facebook Marketing

[Image: OFz7.jpg]

Tips that grow the fan base on Facebook and awareness of a brand in a niche market

Marketing has become utmost competitive for any product in recent times. Rapid expansion of the global social media sphere has now changed the landscape of the marketing industry.

Industry players have availed social media as one of their prime marketing channel to take advantage of access to an almost limitless potential customer base.

Social media allows companies to gather information vital to product development, gain insight into customer motivation, better understand the purchasing process and facilitate consumer feedback.

In the backdrop of this scenario, importance of Facebook as a social media marketing channel cannot be overstated. More so because most of your customers and potential customers are Facebook users. Marketing on Facebook has a viral effect and information spreads to your niche audience wide and fast.

If you are not on Facebook, your business is missing out. Facebook presents a unique marketing opportunity for businesses through the creation of Facebook Business Pages.

The simple tips of this course will guide you to use your business page more effectively to grow your fan base and enhance your brand presence among your niche audience.

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug Amazon Kindle - How To Get Book Reviews & Rank Page 1
Posted by: TvBB - 10-10-2018, 06:23 AM - Forum: SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Traffic Generation and WordPress - No Replies

Amazon Kindle - How To Get Book Reviews & Rank Page 1

[Image: OFz9.jpg]

Not Selling Enough Books? Become An Amazon Bestselling Author By Using My Amazon SEO Review System. Get To Page #1 Now!


Are you a self-published author with a book (Kindle/paperback) on Amazon that is not selling as much as it should?
Do you feel like the competition is to fierce and it’s hard to get your Kindle/paperback book to rank?
Are you about to publish your first book on Amazon, but confused on what you should do to launch it successfully
Are you concerned about Amazon’s new rules about fake reviews and afraid of losing your account?
Do you dream about becoming a bestselling author on Amazon with lots of passionate readers?

MY KINDLE BOOK REVIEW COURSE is all you need to publish or revive your book to page #1 of Amazon search. You will learn a step-by-step plan to getting your book to rank. At all of my methods are 100% Amazon Terms of Service compliant. Everything is taught step by step - no experience is required!

In recent years, Amazon has become the worlds largest retailer of books. Amazon dominates ebook sales with their Kindle platform and is the undisputed #1 seller of physical paperback books.

There is no doubt - if you want to succeed as an author long term, you need to have your book listed on Amazon.

But with all of that success, Amazon has become a very competitive marketplace for books of all genres. In many niches, a few famous authors are dominating the search results, making it hard for new authors to break in and rank their book on the coveted page #1 or page #2, where 80% of the sales is happening.

If you are a relatively unknown author, what can you do to break in and get your book ranked on page #1 and have your book become an Amazon bestseller?

My name is Ivan Westen.
As a fellow Amazon author, I have spent a looong time studying Amazon’s search algorithm and what methods are effective at giving books the necessary boost to page #1.

And you know what? I found the solution. It IS possible to rank your book on page #1 among the big players, and get new readers every day (along with all the income that these sales bring in…)

In this course, I will teach you all of the Amazon approved tactics that can realistically get your book to rank on page #1 or #2 in 2017 - even in niches with much competition.


How to rank your book to page #1 and triple your readership (and income)
The 3 essential elements you NEED to focus on to rank your books s on Amazon in 2017
The details of Amazons update to their Terms of Service regarding book reviews and what it means to you
How to get massive amounts of reviews in 2 weeks using Amazon approved methods
How to get massive amounts of downloads & sales in 2 weeks, using Amazon approved methods
How to create a long term strategy. that will help you publish your future books with 50 reviews on launch day
FREE BONUS LECTURE where I teach you how to make $1000 per month in passive income from your readers
FREE GIFT (Bonus lecture)

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug Google Adwords Beginners, Triple Sales & Pay Less for PPC
Posted by: TvBB - 10-10-2018, 06:22 AM - Forum: CPA, PLR - No Replies

Google Adwords Beginners, Triple Sales & Pay Less for PPC

[Image: 948160_b4ce.jpg]

A practical guide : How to tweak Google Ads to boost sales 2,3 or even 10 fold and reduce cost of Google Adwords PPC.

Triple Sales via Google Adwords & Reduce what you Pay for PPC, Gain Unfair Advantage.

This PPC course focuses on Business Goals not learning interface & is based on 20+ yrs marketing, business experience & 9 years successfully using Google Adwords to sell products & services. Start learning now, it comes with 30 day money back guarantee!

Learn how to maximize profits and crush competition.

Most people advertising with Google Ads, or using other PPC advertising ( Bing ) do not optimize them. A lot of them won’t even know what negative keywords are and how to find them. When you ask them about landing page or unique selling proposition they will not know what you are talking about.

When you implement knowledge about PPC contained in lessons of this course to your business you will gain unfair advantage over majority of small business advertisers. You should be able to increase sales via Google Adwords while reducing your cost per sales at the same time.

Start learning now, it comes with 30 day money back guarantee!

Some of the course lessons, for instance landing page optimization, conversions optimization & writing ads can be used in wider digital marketing. For instance in Yahoo PPC, Bing PPC, Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads. Keyword tools will be also useful for SEO and Adsence.

Methods taught in the course are quite universal and can be implemented in majority of businesses and are many times more effective than search engine optimization (SEO).

Some of the skills you will learn in this course (that will help to increase sales and reduce costs in Adwords):

finding phrase and exact match keywords,
finding negative keywords,
increasing click through rate (CTR) and reducing cost of Adwords,
increasing your return on investment (ROI),
writing killer Ads,
building effective landing pages,
multiplying your conversion rate with A/B testing,

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug Steps to Success - Goals, Dreams and Your Future in 100 Days
Posted by: TvBB - 10-10-2018, 06:22 AM - Forum: Hypnosis, NLP, Achievement and Mindset - No Replies

Steps to Success - Goals, Dreams and Your Future in 100 Days

[Image: OF39.jpg]

You will use the tools to coach yourself, achieve your goals big & small for lasting success. Live your dreams.

Do you have unfulfilled dreams? Goals that you have yet to achieve? Have you been struggling to achieve your goals for some time? Do you dream of a happy and fulfilling life but are struggling to get there? Have you been struggling for years and you don’t know what’s holding you back. or have you just decided on what you future is going to be and want to get there. fast?

If you want to change and have the happy and fulfilling life that at the moment you are only dreaming about then you will increase you chances of arriving at your future with the support of a coach.

Take control and take action to to achieve your future.
Simple steps to focus you on what you really want
A very simple plan that will mean that you can achieve your future.
High quality lessons and supporting tools that take you to where you want to be
Steps to Success is a coaching programme. I’m Bridget Marchi and I’m a professional executive coach with over 25 years of experience on working with individuals to achieve their goals. I have worked with people from all walks of life, with many different goals and who are tackling different barriers to success. With support and guidance they have found their way and you can to.

This course is a coaching programme that, regardless of what you want to achieve, large or small will support you to achieve your success. Have you got one goal or many? Steps to Success gives you the tools that you need and by asking you powerful questions unlocks your future. This programme gives you the tools that mean that, with just 5 minutes a day that you spend answering a question and planning your day, you can achieve your goals however short of time you are.

Like you I have dreams and goals that I am working to achieve and I use my own programme to fuel my success and I shares some of my experience along the way as well as bringing you inspirational stories and thought provoking quotes to inspire you to achieve.

Steps to Success is a tried and tested programme that will support you as you bring about your change for your future and I look forward to welcoming you onboard.

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug Anneke Camstra - Facebook Marketing with Animation
Posted by: TvBB - 10-10-2018, 06:22 AM - Forum: Sale & Marketing, Internet Marketing - No Replies

Anneke Camstra - Facebook Marketing with Animation

[Image: OF3G.png]

Facebook Marketing with Animation. Grab the attention in the Silent Facebook Revolution: users are scrolling witho

Get ready for Facebook: The Silent revolution.

People are scrolling through their Facebook without sound.

How are you going to stop them in their tracks?

By using humor, colorful moving images, moving text and very important: Closed Captions!.

You can make people stay and watch because they can read what is happening in the video.

You know you need video, because that is the future of facebook.

But you do not want to talk with your face on the camera.
You still need video.
And fast to make.
And easy.
And professional looking.
Learn how to do that in this course.

Make real animations in a smart and fast way.

Step by step instructions.

Make an animated Profile Video
Make text on a moving background
Make real animations superfast in a smart software
Use App on your iPad or phone to make video square
3 ways to add captions to your video, free and paid.
A new App from Apple to make livestreaming with text, while you talk.
Don’t worry about making video content for Facebook anymore, it is easy!

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Lightbulb Ramit Sethi - Double Engine Growth
Posted by: TvBB - 07-10-2018, 06:03 AM - Forum: Group Buy - Save 98% of Original Product Cost [We since 2013] - No Replies

Ramit Sethi - Double Engine Growth 
Price: 5997$
GB Price: 60$ (Save 5937$).

[Image: Ramit-_Sethi-_Double-_Engine-_Growth.jpg]

GB Code: RSDE0241

Interested Peoples can contact tvbbvip@gmail.com with "GB Code".

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