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Bug Chris Luck - Membership Method 2018
Posted by: TvBB - 11-12-2018, 10:46 PM - Forum: Group Buy - Save 98% of Original Product Cost [We since 2013] - No Replies

Chris Luck - Membership Method 2018
Price: 1497$
GB Price: 30$ (Save 1467$).

[Image: Chris-Luck-Membership-Method-2018.jpg]

GB Code: CLMM0251

Interested Peoples can contact tvbbvip@gmail.com with "GB Code".

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Bug Stock Market Investment Non Financial Fundamental Analysis
Posted by: TvBB - 11-12-2018, 10:20 PM - Forum: Investing, Trading, Stocks, Economics and Finance - No Replies

Stock Market Investment Non Financial Fundamental Analysis

[Image: PqdX.jpg]

Build your business acumen. Investment fundamental analysis of companies on the stock market without using financials.

As an investor, how often do you find yourself lost when you try to read the company’s reports? How often are you able to decode how a certain market event will affect a company? How do you know whether a company has the right dividend policy for you as a shareholder? Does this company have a sustainable competitive advantage that allows it to be profitable years down the road?

When it comes to fundamental analysis, most courses would talk about financial analysis, ratio analysis, PE ratios, and efficiency ratios. Yes, these are definitely important. What about the qualitative factors of the company? Qualitative factors will provide better insights into what will happen into the future when combined with other methods of analysis.

Unlike some other courses out there where you just hear instructors talking endlessly, and you only see text in their power point presentation, this course will include animations, images, charts and diagrams help you understand the various concepts.

I promise I will not be teaching generic unactionable ideas like you must buy low and sell high. Also, this is also not a motivation class where I preach to you that you must work hard to succeed, or you must have discipline to profit from the market.

In this course, I will teach you exact methods and frame work.

In addition, Udemy and I promise a 30 day money back guarantee so you have absolutely no risk. If I fail to deliver up to your expectations, you can have your money back after attending the course. No questions asked.

So what are you waiting for? Its time to take action! Go ahead to click on the enrol button. I will see you at our course.

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug Online Marketing Plan - How to Get More Online Leads and Sales
Posted by: TvBB - 11-12-2018, 10:20 PM - Forum: Sale & Marketing, Internet Marketing - No Replies

Online Marketing Plan - How to Get More Online Leads and Sales

[Image: PqdT.png]

Online Marketing Plan -> Use Social Media to Empower Your Online Marketing -> Market Online to Grow Leads and Sales

Do you struggle to understand how to sell online?

Is it important to you to increase your leads, conversions and sales?

Do you find all the different platforms, jargon, processes confusing?

If this is a summary of how you feel - I totally understand because four years ago I felt exactly the same - and decided that I had to figure it out!

But - Anyone CAN do this! - You just need to understand HOW it works!

This is why I created this Online Marketing Plan Video Course - to show you what I have learned from years of experience and testing!

All you need to do is take your digital product, apply the 8 Step formula and you WILL get results.

Here’s just a taste of what you’re about to discover:

The Six Core Principles You MUST apply when you create your own Online Marketing Plan
How to Design the Six Key elements you need to include in your Product Portfolio
The Six Essential Steps you need to take to generate a never ending flood of traffic, sales and income using Social Media.

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug SEO Secret - How to Rank #1 on Google - Get Free Traffic
Posted by: TvBB - 11-12-2018, 10:19 PM - Forum: SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Traffic Generation and WordPress - No Replies

SEO Secret - How to Rank #1 on Google - Get Free Traffic

[Image: Pqdq.jpg]

Step-by-step SEO Course to Rank #1 on Google. Get more traffic thanks to SEO

In this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course I will teach you:

how to optimize your wordpress website to Rank #1 on Google
how to analyze keywords to find some keywords/phrases with low competitiveness and high popularity in google
how to write seo friendly posts to rank your website much more easier
how to analyze the traffic on your website to know which which positioning method is good for your website
how to add SEO friendly backlinks, which positively influence your position in google
how to analyze your sites’ position to specific keywords
how to Rank #1 on Google thanks to SEO in 2016
During writing this course my team focused on a few aspects but the most important was that the course consisted of only such information, that are actually useful for the process of positioning your website. As far as my experience tells me, courses and books available on the market contain a lot of unnecessary information, often not up to date. The authors boast of the fact that their courses contain 30 hours of materials. But think about the fact, how much of these information will not be useful for you. Usually it is 70-80%.

Together with my team we decided that the course “SEO Secret 2016- How to Rank #1 on Google & Get Free Traffic” will contain only needed and useful information which actually influence the position in google thanks to Search Engine Optimisation. It has to be admitted that XXI century is a century of search engines and SEO is really important. If people are looking for something, they immediately use google. They don’t think about where to find such a service or information. It is automatic process. Everything is in google, isn’t it?

If your company does not have an website SEO Friendly, loses a huge amount of money. But possessing an internet site is not everything. If your website is not on the first page of google results, it is like it never existed.

The Google traffic is FREE and unlimited, but what is the most important, such traffic is also effective and generates a huge amount of revenues. The advertisements are less effective than the organic traffic from google. During the positioning you have to be cautious because if you don’t know how to do it properly you can do harm to your website. Because we have bad SEO and good SEO. Google updates constantly its algorithm jut to make the manipulation of sites position to be impossible but still their algorithms poses some holes, which you will get to know during this SEO course. You need up-to-date information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2016 beacuse your website has to be SEO friendly!

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug Matthew Cohen - Qi Gong - Fire & Water
Posted by: TvBB - 11-12-2018, 10:19 PM - Forum: Hypnosis, NLP, Achievement and Mindset - No Replies

Matthew Cohen - Qi Gong - Fire & Water

[Image: Pqd5.jpg]

Qi Gong (CHEE-gong) is an ancient Chinese health system that promotes mental and physical balance and a feeling of calm vitality. Millions of people have discovered the amazing benefits of these simple standing exercises, breathing, and slow repetitive natural movements.

Filmed amid the beauty of California’s Alabama hills, developed and taught by Chinese martial arts and Qi Gong expert Matthew Cohen, these two 40-minute programs cultivate calm, balanced energy and vitality, detoxify the body, and offer the practitioner a sense of inner peace.

Fire - heats and strengthens the body, activates and expands the senses, relieves depression, stimulates the immune system, and detoxifies the body.

Water - cools the body and calms the nervous system, develops grace and greater range of motion, promotes deep relaxation and releases tension, stress, anxiety, and fear. This one is in 4 parts because two of the exercises and the meditation wouldn’t rip with the rest of program so I ripped them separately. Which works out better because then you can watch them at your own pace.

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug How to Build an E-commerce Online Shop Fast with No Coding
Posted by: TvBB - 11-12-2018, 10:19 PM - Forum: Small Business, Entrepreneurs - No Replies

How to Build an E-commerce Online Shop Fast with No Coding

[Image: Pqdj.jpg]

Learn how To Set Up Your Own Online Store to sell physical and digital goods with no coding

Technology has made it possible for anyone to create an E-commerce online store quickly using simple customizable tools without having to write any computer code .
As long as you have a basic understanding of how computer works or know how to navigate your way around a computer and the internet you should have very little problems utilizing the tools available to create your own online store that you can use to sell both physical and digital products.

There are both free and paid tools available to assist you create an online store quickly. The paid tools or subscription based models will provide more customizable tools and options based on your subscription level. With some platforms they even let you test drive the platform for a limited period. In this course we will be using Shopify platform to create an online store.
Shopify is a trusted and popular hosted ecommerce solution that provides advanced store management in a remarkably clean and easy-to-understand package. You don’t need to know HTML or PHP or other backend programming languages; all you need is an email address and a password to get started.

This course will take you through the setup, configuration, publication, and management of your first online store using Shopify. I will show you how to select a visual theme, set up products and inventory, collect payments, configure shipping, and manage orders with the Shopify dashboard.

Topics include:
Create Shopify Account
Shopify Subscription Plans
Adding a Product to your shop
Adding SEO to your products
Selling Digital Downloadable Products
How to publish a theme
How to add a logo
Featuring your products
Adding a contact form
Adding a search option
Setting up shipping
Adding free shipping
Adding flat rate shipping
Real time shipping rates
Setting up payment collection

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug GOOGLE SEO SECRETS - Rank Your Udemy Course #1 on Google
Posted by: TvBB - 11-12-2018, 10:17 PM - Forum: SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Traffic Generation and WordPress - No Replies

GOOGLE SEO SECRETS - Rank Your Udemy Course #1 on Google

[Image: Pqdd.jpg]

Learn Step-by-Step How to Rank Your Udemy Course Nr#1 on Google To Get More Traffic and Make More Money on Udemy!

course #1 on Google?

 How amazing would it be to have access to millions of students who can buy your course because you are in the top rankings on Google?

 Would you like to have a step by step blueprint to show you exactly how to do it?

SPECIAL OFFER: Get 4 bonuses with this course that will skyrocket your SEO Skills & Course Sales! (Everything is explained below)

Course updated on the 28th of June2015.

Only a limited number of students will have access to this information so it is your chance to have a high competitive advantage over the other Udemy instructors.

Gain instant access to 22 training videos that will teach you step-by-step how to rank your Udemy course #1 on Google FOR FREE and have access to millions of new customers. The strategies are safe and up-to-date in 2015 to give you maximum results.

Most instructors on Udemy are losing money because they rely on Udemy only. They could be using simple but effective techniques to rank their course #1 on Google for their keyword.. and it would give them access to millions of students…for FREE. In this course, we will show you exactly how to do that. It is packed with solid strategies and the best techniques to give you the best results in the least amount of time.


In this course you’ll learn many new skills including how to:

 Why you should care about the Top Google rankings for your Udemy coruse

 How to select the best keywords for your course that will drive massive FREE traffic from GOOGLE.

 The perfect ranking URL for your course

 How to create a SEO friendly and high converting course title

 How to SEO Optimize your course subtitle to drive many hungry customers from Google

 How to write an amazing SEO sales copy for your course that Google will love

 How to use the right titles in your Sections and Lectures

 Everything you need to know about link building for your Udemy course

 How to find out who your competitors are on Google and spy on them

 How to track your rankings and conversions for more success!

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug Webinar Alchemy - 7 Days Webinar Sales Blueprint
Posted by: TvBB - 11-12-2018, 10:05 PM - Forum: Sale & Marketing, Internet Marketing - No Replies

Webinar Alchemy - 7 Days Webinar Sales Blueprint

[Image: PqQ8.png]

Copy & paste my blueprint for webinars resulting in a $50,229 webinar & $1.9 million in sales over the past 2.5 years

$50,229 in pure profits from an online sales presentation selling a product that didn’t even exist….

Those are the types of results that we’ve achieved with webinars in the span of just 5 days.

On top of that, $58,077 in sales selling with the affiliate webinar model and $24,082 from a backend webinar.

Check out our Proof Screenshots and Videos in the Free Preview Videos.

Guarantee: By the end of this course you’ll be able to create webinars that will generate $1,000+ each.

What is a Webinar aka Online Sales Presentation?

It’s simply a presentation that sells something at the end that can be scaled up to 100s of live attendees all eager to buy.

You can sell informational courses like Udemy courses, software products, memberships or other people’s products and still get 50%!

The exact same principles we’ll teach you apply to you if you’re interested in live events and even high ticket one on one sales meetings.

Who is the DigiStrats Team?

My name is Eric Weiss and on behalf of the DigiStrats team I want to welcome you to our 7-Day Webinar Course where I’ll be teaching you from A to Z how to create a webinar business from scratch if you don’t have any current business or how to explode your business with webinars if you’re already selling online.

We’ve sold over $3 million dollars’ worth of products in the past 2.5 years alone and out of that $1.9 million can be attributed directly to webinars.

In this course we’ll unveil the hidden Black Art Webinar tactics that the 7-figure and 6-figure online business gurus use that are seldom discussed because these are the true money makers.

We’re going to go deep under the hood of our own business model and show you the exact strategies on how…

-We sold $50,229 worth of product without having the product finished

-You can copy & paste our proven webinar sales presentation template that’s done $2 MIL+ for us

-We got 800+ attendees LIVE on a webinar that resulted in $50k+ in profits in 5 days

Using the case study model, we’ll construct a webinar from scratch during the course taking you through the following…

-Day #1: 7-Figure Mental State - I tell you the easy way how to engage your audience even if you might think you’re not the “right personality” for webianrs

-Day #2: Webinar Building Blocks - The essentials for ultra-high conversions of $50+ per attendee for your webinars

-Day #3: Masterminding a $50,299 Webinar Product - During this day I go over “product hacks” even if you have no product & mastermind a product in a market I know ZERO about

-Day #4: Crafting a $50,229 Presentation - During this module I’ll dissect one of our webinars and show you how I build it from scratch

-Day #5: Traffic of 800+ Attendees to Your Webinar - Without having attendees you can’t sell anything so I’ll walk you through filling up your webinars

-Day #6: The Professional Studio Setup - I’ll teach you how to get that “Hollywood” quality sound on your webinars and videos

-Day #7: Webinar Systems - The dead simple walk through so you don’t have to deal with any technical nonsense

Plus you’ll get 5 Bonuses for enrolling including our…

-Bonus #1: The Exploitation Script that lets you “hack” product creation and have an industry insider create a high-value product while you just sell it for 50-75% of the profits

-Bonus #2: The $100k Course Outline so you can mastermind a product in 15-minutes

-Bonus #3: The 6-Figure Inner Circle Script to break into the world of 6-figure and 7-figure Online Business owners while making money from them with your webinar

-Bonus #4: The $50,229 Webinar Outline so you can structure your webinar as we go through the course

-Bonus #5: Our Microsoft PowerPoint Webinar Presentation Template that’s Resulted in $2 MIL+ in Sales so you can just copy & paste our webinar structure, fill in the blanks & hit the ground running with a proven high-converting webinar

There are even concrete action steps so that by the end of the course you’ll have completed your first webinar.

This is by far the most powerful, comprehensive and step-by-step course on webinars ever created.

The Better than Money Back Guarantee

Of course there is a 30 day money back guarantee. But in my opinion that is weak so I’m going to come out and say that if you don’t get results and see the value in this course then I demand that you get your money back because we are committed in getting you results and if you follow the course and take action I am confident you will make money with webinars.

Special Introductory Price - Rising Soon

Normally we charge $497, $697 and $997 for our life changing courses but we will keep this introductory price before raising it as a special for the Udemy community.

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug Creating your First Android Application from Scratch
Posted by: TvBB - 11-12-2018, 10:05 PM - Forum: Small Business, Entrepreneurs - No Replies

Creating your First Android Application from Scratch

[Image: PqQf.jpg]

A complete tour on how to create and publish an Android Application and Game in less than a few hours!

This course will be heavily updated in 2017 with new additions and improvements. If you become a student you will be entitled to lifetime updates to this course.

Become an Android App and Game Developer in less than an hour

In this course you will will learn how to: Create a Basic Android Application and a full Android Game. You will then learn how to publish both the app and the game to the Amazon AppStore for Android Store. We’ll also give you step by step instructions on how to create an Amazon AppStore account and we’ll also teach you how to enable ads in order to generate revenue for your app/game.

We will give you a video tutorial for each of the learning objectives above. We will also include a free document which will teach you how to publish to the Google Play Store so your fully covered.

This course contains around 35 minutes of content and should take you around an hour to complete. Over time we’ll be adding even more lectures and content to this course so you can continue to evolve your learning.

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Lightbulb Anthony Groeper - The 100k Blueprint
Posted by: TvBB - 07-12-2018, 04:39 AM - Forum: Group Buy - Save 98% of Original Product Cost [We since 2013] - No Replies

Anthony Groeper - The 100k Blueprint 
Price: 697$
GB Price: 15$ (Save 682$).

[Image: the100k-blueprint-enroll.jpg]

GB Code: AGKB0250

Interested Peoples can contact tvbbvip@gmail.com with "GB Code".

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