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Full Version: Business Development - 11 Steps to Start Your First Business
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     Business Development - 11 Steps to Start Your First Business

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What you’ll learn
Learn the core concepts of business development
Utilise proven methodologies that help you jumpstart your first business

Build a lean, step-by-step business development strategy

Build rapport, because people buy from people they like and trust
No previous Knowledge Required
… all you need to take this course is pen & paper

Starting Your Own Business? Dealing With Confusion? Feeling Overwhelmed? Procrastinating?

Ever feel like you are on a treadmill running through peanut butter. Like there is always more to do than you can possibly get done in a day?

Making the decision to start out on your own can be scary. Even if you are a fan of change and challenges, the uncertainty of starting your first business can often be an obstacle to pursuing your dream and idea.

Overwhelm comes in many forms, but it typically involves having too many options, not knowing where to start, constantly struggling with shiny object syndrome, overconsumption of information and taking too much on all at once.

To help you overcome those obstacles, I created this 11 steps course. It will give you clarity and focus because it takes you by the hand and shows you what to do each day.

I created this course to help you break free from financial stress, trading your time for money, and fears that tripped you up in the past, and to guide you through the early stages of establishing your business.

Start your dream NOW, that gives you ownership of your time and money. And grow from there.

Here’s what I propose: start small. Follow the 11 steps and take it one day at a time.

Ready? Let’s jump into it.

Who is the target audience?
People just starting their business journey who feel overwhelmed and lost by overload of information on the internet

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