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Full Version: Business and Career Success - Strategic Planning - #1 Year
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    Business and Career Success - Strategic Planning - #1 Year

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Strategic Planning - How to Achieve Your Most Important Goals for Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Businesses Owners

Always know your purpose

This course will help you define your personal purpose or your companies and help you build a plan with goals and action plans. You will fill out a one page template to achieve your goals in 2018! + A Free Template.

Have you ever said.

- I am going to lose weight this year?

- Spend Less/Save More

-Exersize more often

-Find a better job.

Most of the time you will work on this goal and forget about it in a couple of weeks. Look at the gym right after the new year, you can’t get in. By June you have it to yourself. This course will help you define your goals an follow through with them.

Take your business or personal goals to the next level.

· This process should only take less than one hour.

What will you Learn in this Course?

Build a vision statement

Define your mission

Create goals

Determine action plans

Start executing and following your plan

You will have all this on one page.

You are going to Determine Your goals using the criteria below.

Specific. It clearly states what must happen.

Measurable. Results can be easily validated.

Action-oriented. It begins with the word “to,” followed by a verb.

Realistic. It is challenging, yet practical and achievable - not too high or low.

Time-bounded. It contains a timetable for achievement

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