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Full Version: Organizing and Optimizing your Business with PLM
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   Organizing and Optimizing your Business with PLM

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Learn Product Life-cycle Management to benefit your business or even just your resume

Interested in organizing and optimizing your business? Learning PLM? Improving your job skills? This class will set you up to pass the Solidpartners PLM Associate Level 1 Exam.

Organizing and Optimizing your Business with PLM will help you understand difficulties that companies face when running a business and how to fix those problems with PLM. You will understand PLM and be able to use the program to benefit your resume or business. At the end of the course we offer an exam to become a certified PLM user. Whether it benefits you with your resume or helps you organize your business this course is for you.

Look forward to seeing you in the course. Feel free to forward this to friends and colleagues who would benefit.

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